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OOC: To recap: Sword and freinds are in the TV realm searching for TPB, Kkhohoho's doing the same thing except he was on a different channel, and has ridden a dragon into another channel and isn't sure of where he is now, DJ is nearly finished omosing into the couch, TPB is lost in the TV realm as earlier stated, Cat and Captain Pluto are busy watching the TV, and TPE is off doing...something.  Yeah, something.

Captain Pluto:
as what i was doing

*talks to cat*
its my turn
*knocks off the remote off of cat's hands*
ya haa! its mine!
changed the channel

OOC:  I'm a cat.  I don't have hands, I have paws.  The remote was therefor lying on the ground, using my paws to press the button.  So all you had to do is pick is up.

The Phantom Eyebrow:
:eyebrow: { Rest easy lads and keep your powder dry.  The Eye of Truth is well tuned into the (very) workings of the cosmos and it tells me of a rift in the very fabric of reality.  I suspect that the workings will soon be restored by the multiverse's self-fixing powers [well I say self-fixing, in reality its the hard work of Randy et al what does it] and we will be restored to just at the point where the original rift occurred. 

:eyebrow: { If it is correct, then our actions here in this sub-universe shall have no consequences.  None.  Zip.  Nada.

*hears a far off voice speaking of a lack of consequences*
:sword Very good then.*goes into a Wild West saloon invisible and instigates a bar brawl*
:swordteleport *dusts off hands* Haven't had that much fun since the eighty team game of Plakti pitball.


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