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Paranoia: My Name is Troubleshooter

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The New Recruits:

ArrMatee-IR-RRR: (Viking)  The pale PLC clerk who says 'Arr!'
Sink-IR-SWM:      (Alaric)  The ever fussy CPU clerk.
Spam-IR-LOT:      (Spam)  The nervous, accident-prone R&D tech.
Spyd-IR-MAN:      (GDaybloke)  The perpetually-drowsy PR guy from HPD&MC.
Numb-IR-ONE:    (The Phantom Eyebrow)  The numerically obsessive CPU clerk.
Blo-IR-UPP:         (Panther Gunn) The oddly-eccentric R&D tech.

This game starts sometime around June 18... Stay Tuned!

GM:  We're getting a late start, but we're on.  If Alaric is able to rejoin us, he can do so at any time.  Please use the Paranoia-By-Post thread for out-of-game conversations.  Violators will be shot.  Repeatedly.   ;)

Everyone:  (You each experience the same thing at the start of the game, but not together)

You are rudely awakened from your sleepcycle by a stabbing pain in your arm.  You sit up suddenly and bang your head on the bottom of the upper bunk.  A blinding light shines in your face.

"Wake up, Citizen," a low voice growls.  "You've just been volunteered."

You hastily clamber out of your bunk and struggle into your ill-fitting black jumpsuit.  Your eyes gradually adjust to the dim light in the dormitory and you realize that there are two Red-level male citizens wearing Armed Forces insignia standing nearby next to a Secbot (Security Robot).  One of the men is holding a laser pistol pointed vaguely in your direction, while the other one is holding a hypodermic needle.  The Secbot is fairly bristling with non-lethal weapons, but the built-in blaster is what gets your attention.

Everyone else in the dorm is still asleep and the only lights on are the dim emergency lights that remain on during the nightcycle and the Secbot's built-in flashlights.

"Come with us," the man with the laser pistol growls.

Everyone: Do you go with the men without saying anything, or do you do something?  Remember to PM me if you're doing anything you don't want the other players to know about.

ArrMatee-IR-RRR slaps his hand to his forehead in a salute to his higher-ups.

"Certainly, Citizen!" he responds in a loud whisper, so as not to wake the other Infrareds.  "Always happy to volunteer!  Serve the Computer!"

And with that, he will follow the instructions that the Red citizens give him.

Spyd-IR-MAN pats himself down, making sure he hasn't forgotten anything - the latest version of  of "Songs About The Computer" on audioloop, for example. A quick visual scan of my bunk should point out anything I'd forgotten...

Once that's done he groggilly stands to attention and blinks.

"Lead on, loyal citizens."


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