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rough draft for a simple posting game system
« on: June 30, 2007, 04:54:29 PM »
i was at work the other day, and this idea crash landed in my brain.

i'm tenativly calling it the Stat Challenge system. some of the mechanics are based on d20, but not as extensive. it works as follows;

each character has a set of physical and mental attributes. they assign a score between 1 and 10 to these attributes, most likely via a point buy system, though one could roll a d10 if desired.

during a Stat Challenge, the gm will determine wich attribute the player is useing, and assign a Challenge Level from 1 to 20. the player must roll a d20, useing his attribute as a bonus to the roll to determine if he beat the Challenge level. if 2 charecters are competeing, the challenging charecter makes a roll on a d20 and adds the appropriate stat bonus to the roll to set the challenge level. the challenged charecter then rolls and adds his bonus as normal to try and beat the challenge.

various items and such can add bonuses or penalties to the Challenge rolls, i'll be working out what types of items there might be later. i'm still working out the attributes, i'm not sure if i want to go with the standard D&D/D20 six or if i want to come up with something different, and i haven't gotten around to figureing out how to handle superpowers and the like just yet.

any advice, contructive critasism, or questions are welcome. if/when i reach a point that i'm satisfied with the system, i'll probably ask for some volunteers to playtest it here on the board.