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which jla do you wanna play? Recast your vote plz

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well after re writing three storylines for my mod . I still cant decide what to do

Well, I'm basically building towards a big seven adventure (albeit very slowly), but then I'm going to add in other characters and expand the league to JLU proportions.  So, I suppose I'd like to see something in between there, and Morrison's League would be what I'd like to see.  However, since I'm telling my own stories, don't worry about what I want. ^_^

Drop me a line and we can bounce some ideas back and forth.

Can't vote, cuz my preference ain't there.  ;)

*My* JLA consists of:

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Hal)
Green Arrow
Black Canary
Flash (Barry)
Hawkman & Hawkwoman
Red Tornado
Firestorm (Ronnie & Professor Stien)
Zatanna (in her trilobite-headpiece costume)
Elongated Man

with a possile addition of Martian Manhunter

Also, you didn't include a voting option for the JLI/JLA era team.  I'll assume because you didn't care for it.  :P

well my classic version introduces more heroes along the way (think Alex Ross's justice with alot of timm influence)

in the beginning i had a justice type mod envisioned but Benton's mod seemed so similar with the silverage feel, I decided to rewrite my storyline to include  revamped origins of  some my fav chars kyle,young justice, death of superman, kyle vs parrallax,

and I havent written a storyline for the ultimate dc  but cass and rev are giving me ideas

Hey man, don't alter your plans any on my account! ;)


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