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Freedom Reborn Hurt/Heal
« on: January 22, 2008, 03:39:18 PM »
Because I'm bored and feel like making a game, we're going to do a FR rendition of those Hurt/Heal things. The winner will then gets to butcher the loosers or get 1000 no-prizes or somesuch, whatever you geeks like nowadays. From now until Thursday at 4:00 PM users who wish to participate may signup here. Each user who signs up will start off with 10HP.

After signup is complete, All users (those who do and do not sign up) may use one Hurt and one Heal per round, though a user may choose to forgo your Heal to use a "Super Power" which is the same as using 3 Hurts against one target your opponent. I will begin each new round after it appears as though just about everyone who will post has posted.

After the end of the first round, each succeeding round will have a randomly chosen "Bonus" rule. I'm still coming up with new ones, but after signups are over I'll post a complete list of which ones could come up (I'll be using some manner of random selection after everyone's posted.

Members with a 0 or negative score will be eliminated each round, and If it is apparent that one member maintains clear dominance throughout a good portion of the game, I'll make him/her the winner.