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ive only watched one.the blue beetle episode and its too silly/cartooney for me.watching batman bust out of a dog pile of huge aliens did me in.

Tomorrow night is going to co-star Red Tornado and a villain that I'm not at all familar with...Fun Haus (in fact a cursory search of Google and Wikipedia turned up very little about this THAT is obscure!).  Here's the brief description of Invasion of the Secret Santas!:

"Batman and the Red Tornado take on the evil Fun Haus, who plans to ruin Christmas with a crime spree."  Ba-Hum-Bug!

Granted this version of Red Tornado looks different.  Even so, is anyone planning to watch it?  I will be!

Btw, here are some pics from the episode:  It looks pretty good!  I gotta say, as a general observation, I love this shows retro'ish-silver-agey look still!  Of course, this Christmas themed show can't possibly top the famous Tick episode with the Multiple Santas! 

I love Christmas!  It even makes good themes for slug fests!


You know...I like Red Tornado a lot.  In fact, I like him a lot more than his publication history likely warrants, but then again, I tend to see the potential in characters, even when not written terribly well...or often (Aquaman, anyone?).  It just so happens that one of my first JLA campaigns involves his maybe I'll get to write about him soon...ish...I don't know anything about Fun Haus, but last weeks episode earned the B:B&B team a little bit of the benefit of my doubt.  I'll watch, and hopefully have a merry time.

Forgive the double post...but I want to post about this, and no one else has done so!

Well, I watched it...and I had a VERY merry time!  This was actually a really good episode.  It still wasn't Timm good or anything, but it actually did a lot of what I wanted this show to do.  In a very small amount of time they showed me something important about both Red Tornado and Batman.  Tornado's desire to experience the Christmas spirit, although really hackneyed, totally worked for me.  The (oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-I'm-typing-this) almost subtle early notes about Batman's antipathy to Christmas were also touching.  Ha, did anyone else think about how much WORSE his tragedy was if he had just been a little pain to his parents when they died?  Man, that is sorta' terrible.  Anyway, I still don't like RT's design, although having it actually play a part in his powers made me dislike it less.  I LOVED RT's description of archeology.  It makes it an absolutely perfect career for him.  (On a random note, has anyone ever thought about just how many archeologist superheroes there are?  There are a bunch of them!)

I told myself that I was going to cut this episode some slack, as all Christmas episodes are a little goofy by nature, so I was certain this one was going to be painfully so.  I was was pretty sure I was right when the "aliens" invaded, but they actually turned that around remarkably well.  Other than Batman punching THROUGH bowling b-a-l-l-s (I understand the need for the sensor to catch this word, but it certainly looked odd to read bowling jimmies), the ridiculous was at a fairly low level this episode.  Ohh, and I actually really enjoyed Bat's fight with the Sportsmaster.  It wasn't anything special, but it was well done.  All in all...I've gotta' say, this was, by a decent margin, the best episode they've had so far.  If they can keep things at this level of depth compared to action and silly...well...I won't complain anymore.  It could still be better, but I could thoroughly enjoy a show like this.  I think my favorite part of the episode is when RT "gets" the meaning of Christmas...not just giving, but sacrifice...that was fairly awesome on multiple levels.

Great comments, Benton.  Ditto!   I really actually enjoyed RT more than I even thought I would...and I really like this series.  I loved RT's quest to experience Christmas Spirit.  It was actually very touching.  I liked Fun Haus as a villain...but somehow I don't think they did enough with him.  But it might just be that there wasn't enough time.  Definitely one of the best episodes so far.  I have hopes that it will continue to improve.



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