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Doctor Who - Season 4 GUMBOTRON FIESTA!!!! OLE!!

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B A D:
Anybody else Torrent this or youtube it? On a whole, I think last year's opener was more impressive, but a good start. Won't spoil anything for anybody, but the last two minutes of the episode made me sqeee.

i watch it in the uk, and from what i've seen you either love donna or hate her, there seems to be very little grey area

B A D:
I actually have watched some episodes of her show on BBC America, and I find her funny.  So I guess you can put me in the "me likey" catagory.

I thought Donna was improved from her Xmas special appearance, she wasn't nearly so much of a screaming banshee.  Still, I preferred last season's opener, with Space-Rhinos on the Moon.

I quite enjoyed it.  Been following Doctor Who since um...  I was a kid (seen every episode, and PBS ran through them all from Hartnell to McCoy at least twice).  Seen every episode of NuWho (including Partners in Crim), Torchwood (just finished season 2) and even the Sarah Jane Adventures (season 2 is due to start this month).  I like Donna's character.  I know a lot of fans despise Catherine Tate, but most of them are bitter of Russell Davies "gay agenda" and the fact the show is mainstream and not their nerdy little secret.  It will be nice to see a season which is a bit more light hearted, and yes the last moments were squee worthy.


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