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So, I'm getting somewhat closer to finishing the full release of the DCUG.  It will have three full campaigns, and I fully intend to expand upon those and add campaigns for other characters eventually.....but I feel like once I finish the release (and most likely deal with whatever bugs pop up) I will need a good long hiatus from the project before I feel like tackling the other stories I want to tell.  So, I've also got story outlines for the Transformers, plus a hankering to take on other beloved characters of my youth like the Thundercats.  I'm afraid my dreams of GI JOE died with the Beyonder's retirement, so that one is out.  All of the art assets exist for Transformers, thanks to Val's heroic efforts, but the Thundercats only have a few characters made so far.  The question I pose to you is, what would the community enjoy more, and is there enough interest from the content creators to make Thundercats a viable option?  As for everyone kind enough to share your opinions, I'd appreciate it if you would post and let me know who is voting for what, if only for my own curiosity! :D

I wanted to choose thundercats, but the lack of assets would set you back awhile, so I chose transformers. It'd be nice to have a FFVTTR mod for them and, since Val + Lude never added onto their mod, a new adventure would work well. Plus, you could make use of some of Val's new creations!

Thanks for the response Prev, and that is my concern as well.  Yeah, although I think the energy problem of FF2 would be even more pronounced in a Transformers it has its own problems.  Still, I think I could get around it. 

"BentonGrey takes on the toys!"
you know what would be fun...
a massive toy driven game.  thundercats, he man, gi joe, transformers, gem(truly outrageous!)

I went with Thundercats, and it has nothing to do with the Panthro skin I am working on....seriously.....
If you are worried about content, I believe Wingzero made meshes for all the 'Cats. The baddies would need to be made, though.


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