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Uncle Yuan:
I have never owned a game console before.  I am leaning towards getting a Wii for the group/family play aspect, but the game selection seems markedly less than the others.  (I note that Bioshock is not currently available for the Wii.)  Then there's the graphics issue, although I only have a standard TV, so that may not make much difference.

What are folks thoughts and experiences?

The Wii is the only console that I would say is worth what it costs.

Wiis the only one I own or know much about or have played, so take with tablespoon of salt, but as I understand it, for group/family stuff, it owns.
For graphics/title selection/processing power the others own it.

The Wii is awesome. I don't know much about your family (ages or whatever), but everyone loves a Wii.

well between me, my brother and my gf we have all three in our house hold-
if your the type that likes to beat a game and move on to the next  one I would get the xbox, I only keep my wii because I'm addicted to 3 of  its games. dont get the ps3 not worth it in my opinion- we don't even buy games for it much anymore


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