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« on: November 23, 2008, 08:50:33 AM »
The kids and I went to see Bolt on opening day yesterday.  It was really fun, had a great message and totally safe for even young kids (I took my 4 year old).  Not the best animated movie I've seen this year (that's a toss up between Wall-E and Kung-Fu Panda).  I would have liked to see more of the super powered Bolt in action.  But of course that was outside of the plot.  The whole point is really that the dog has no super powers which is fine for me.  The stand out character was Rhino the hamster with the cat being second.  And I guess I would say that Travolta left me feeling a bit meh toward Bolt himself.  But the animation is impressive and the story is good.  It's worth seeing.

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Re: Bolt
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Saw it myself last night.

Wasn't great, but I certainly did enjoy myself and without Lassiter taking the reigns and overseeing it himself ---- I'm sure this movie would have been ugh.  It had several moments and doesn't quite come up to Pixar standards, but for Disney --- it was a step up.  It certainly is heads and tails above everything else out there from the other computer animation studios.

The start of the movie is great... it gets a tad slow in the middle but has a very fine finish.

I agree, not much for Travolta himself.  Didn't care for the cat either, but I was so sold on the fanboy hamster.  I don't know what it is with some animated movies lately --- but the supporting characters are sometimes better than the leads.  Gimmie Ice Age with just Scrat.  Gimmie Madagascar with just Penguins and Lemurs.  Gimmie Rhino in his own feature.  He had me giggling insanely with glee every time he was on screen.

The only downside for this movie, was paying $2 extra for the 3d glasses.  Which wasn't a big deal really... except I'm not sure why people just tossed 'em afterwords.  We saw previews for at least 3 more movies to be in 3d soon.  Smart move by the company having recycling bins for them... but with a plethora of 3d movies coming out from Disney alone ---- I'm keeping mine.


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Re: Bolt
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me and a couple friends went and saw Bolt this weekend, and we all laughed our butts off and loved it. It was seriously one of the funniest movies I've seen this year, and that's kind of strange for me to say since it was a cartoon, and a NON-Pixar cartoon no less. I have to say that I probably enjoyed Bolt just as much as I did The Incredibles or Shrek, which I think is saying a lot. Great movie.