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What should I skin next?

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As mentioned in my skin thread I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head of what I'd like to skin next. Being the horrible person that I am I've decided to steal TUE's idea to ask the forum what they'd like to see, thus this poll.

The results of the poll don't set anything in stone. I've learned in the past that if I try to force myself to skin (especially taking requests) I lose motivation badly. So while this will influence my next work it is not a guarantee.

The poll will run for about a week or so.

So lets see the choices:

Since I've learned Nifskope I've wanted to go back and redo older skins. By choosing this option you are saying you'd like to see me work on updates of past skins as my next work. You can note particular skins you'd like to see updated, or I might just start at A and see where I get lol! List of existing skins can be found on the first page of my skin thread.


In Avengers: The Initiative, Triathlon has become the new 3D-Man and is kicking Skrull butt across the country. This choice would include two versions of Delroy as 3D-Man (the two different goggles he wore in the book) and updates to my two older 3D-Man skins. It might also include some Triathlon skins, motivation pending.


To celebrate my love of Beast in his current cat form I'd like to do skins of his Morrison, Astonishing, and Manifest Destiny costumes. May also include a bonus Dark Beast.


On the weekend I had a huge desire to start skinning Cannonball skins starting at the beginning of his history. Cannonball is a favorite character and my second most skinned character (Speedball overtook him), I'd like to make him #1 again. This option would include both updates and some new skins, all on proper skopes. Note not all costumes depicted in the image will be skinned. There's just too many...


This choice would see me continue to skin the most recent generation of X-Men. New and updating skins would be made. Anole, Hellion, Dust, Pixie and Rockslide would be likely targets. Young X-Men costumes and characters would also be a possibility.


This choice would finally see me skin the evilest of evil villains, the Purifers! You'd get new skins of Purifier soldiers, Matthew Risman, the Choir, and Bastion. Updated skins of Reverend Stryker and Nimrod would be likely possibilities as well.


This choice would finally have me working on my long planned X-Force skins. Wolverine, X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Archangel, Elixir, maybe Domino if I get a good skope. Would likely include skin updates to my past skins of those characters too.


Hmmm...this reminds me. I never sent you my Gentle skin for your skope. Still want it?


--- Quote from: murs47 on November 26, 2008, 02:40:34 AM ---1st!

Hmmm...this reminds me. I never sent you my Gentle skin for your skope. Still want it?

--- End quote ---

Yeah, of course!

X-Force!  I love the designs and colors of their new costumes in the comics, and i think you would do a fine job representing them,

Pod i have in mind to upload on 25th December my aio cannonball skope, maybe it could be useful for you to initiate your job. If you're interested, i can send you and just to upload and actualize as you see necesary on your web.



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