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which version of the avengers do you wanna play

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ok, same question different team

just a note classic contemporary version would, pretty much be if mystik made an avengers movie

Could you explain a bit what you mean by classic contemporary?  If it's a fairly classic lineup with characters who aren't shells of their former selves...I might be interested.  I don't have much interest in the other choices.

uh classic contemporary, was the best way i could describe it , a modern retelling of the avengers similar to ultimates, but closer to stans interpretation.

the new avengers- would be an outline of the begining of NA to the end of SI (plz keep all hate replies about current Marvel elsewhere)

vol.3 - a completely original story with the vol.3 lineup

Sorry Mystik, I don't mean to clog your thread with my distaste for current trends.  I was just trying to be clear.  Thanks for giving me a bit more detail.  A modern retelling in the spirit of Stan and Jack sounds like tons of fun!  That's what I've been wishing for the last couple 'a years.  I'd really love to see a new Avengers mod...I've been hip deep in DC so long, it would be fun to have some Marvel adventures!

hmm the current polls are surprising, I was expecting ultimates to be the top dog and the new avengers to be at the bottom


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