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Title: Exterminate!
Post by: Panther_Gunn on July 15, 2019, 12:26:56 AM
Does anyone have any stats for Daleks, in relation to average human stats?  And to build upon that, would different colors/models have any different stats (aside from the ones that are completely different types like the heavy weapons & commander types)?

Here's what I've hacked together so far:

Str:  2 (they're not exactly pushing things around or picking things up, or having any melee attacks)
Spd:  2
Agi:  2
End:  6?
Eng:  8

Material: metal

I don't see them having more than just a standard beam attack, but I haven't worked that part out much yet.  Enough to drop a standard human in one shot, either with damage or high stun, haven't decided which.  I figure the shortest range and accuracy possible, to make up for the high damage, but I'm afraid that the beams will still be hitting more frequently than I'd like.