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Title: Aquaman
Post by: Tomato on March 09, 2020, 05:46:03 AM
So this took... entirely too long, but I ripped the voice clips for Aquaman from the Justice League MOBA game "Infinite Crisis" (I ended up with almost 300 clips, it was a lot) in case someone here wanted to use them for FF. They're organized a bit, but not in FF format because I haven't made a VP since I did one for myself waaay back in the day.!uQNBSQAI!SmS06kuEJ2Y5JWSPHT_crBwugUNLEP8gjdSP-sHD4jY

Voice Clips in Character Interactions are probably useless (they're for Aquaman interacting with the rest of the Game's cast) but I included them for completion sake. I tried to lump lines and types of grunts together as well.