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Hex Editing / I need help with size
« Last post by cranlox on Today at 03:33:50 PM »

I need to make a smaller size a whole character, keeping everything. I can not use the heaviest editing programs because I'm with a pretty old computer. If someone does me the favor of giving me that help! Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Unbelievable!
« Last post by HarryTrotter on Today at 05:08:58 AM »
I like to think people got over it,but Thats definitly not the case.
General Discussion / Re: Unbelievable!
« Last post by kkhohoho on Today at 04:41:14 AM »
God, it's been a while since anyone's used this thread, hasn't it? Anyway, hi everybody! If you haven't checked the FR Discord in a while, now might be a good time to do so, because... well, you'll see when you get there. Basically, I've got something to say, and I felt that was the best place to say it. Hope to see you all there! :)
Santa on a baaad day!

This is all SickAlice's work, I just pieced it together.


This is Temper v2 by Fusion. With this mesh, there is a picture of a costume that looks somewhat like this, but the skin isn't included, nor have I been able to find it.

So I made my own, and now made it Christmassy.
Releases / Re: Who is the Forcedroid?
« Last post by Cyber Burn on Today at 01:15:24 AM »
Fantastic work JJ! I love it!  :thumbup:
Freedom Force's back up Soldiers (also known as more cannonfodder). The Extras aren't mine, and this is far from finished. The design is based off an old Firestorm Skin that I wanted to see updated.

General Discussion / Re: PUNY COMPUTER, DJ SMASH!!
« Last post by Deaths Jester on Today at 12:36:07 AM »
Well, I ended up needing a new activatim code for Painter anyways - "new" install and all. Everything is back up and running again. Hate that all the work I put into that realistic face and CB's tablet piece was a waste, though...
« Last post by cranlox on Today at 12:03:58 AM »

He is a superhero mutant that has the power to manipulate the air, the winds and consequently modify the storms and skies. It can dissipate mists that follow and blind your opponent and can generate torrents of wind that throw away any opponent. He is solitary and nocturnal, enjoys working alone and the most complex tactical operations where he can use his power and make the difference between something difficult and something already achieved.

It is a superhero mutant who has the power to turn his luminous body with a strange and own energy, by straining and firing can release energy discharges or channel charged objects telekinetically, can generate a force field around him to protect himself as a cocoon using that energy. It is effective in hand-to-hand combat given his military experience. He is sociable and uses flat glasses tightly closed to his eyes because they have permanently lit their eyes on his energy
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