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When I got retired, I went looking through The Wayback Mahine. There is a post entitled Freedom Force Historical Preservation and Chowder & Marching Society Living List

which I try to keep current. On the second page it has a list of the sites you can access through The Wayback Machine that still have working links, but stuff is disappearing even as we speak. Vertex did have a few meshes that weren't at NPI, and someone posted them in a yahoo group. I have intermittently been trying to get a list of what I got from the Yahoo Bulk Downloader, but they missed a lot.
Got a good chunk (all the ones I wanted and a few I didn't know I wanted) of the Vertex male and female (generics, not specific characters, all the specific character files seem to be dead), so I'm good re: the Vertex stuff. Hoping the bobby69 links are still active, if they actually hosted them there at all.

EDIT: Correction, looks like (at least some of) the vx speedsters still work, so it's the specific non-speedster characters specifically that all seem to be dead per the text above.

EDIT 2: Looks like the bobby69 ones were never hosted there in the first place, they just had Yahoo Groups links to them, so if anyone has bobby69 meshes (especially male_70s_hair and male_80s_hair), I'd appreciate it.

EDIT 3: Also Cyclops69 (I believe a bobby69 mesh also, given the 69 at the end) and Solar (not sure who that one's by, the skin I have just says it's 'made to fit the new Solar mesh').
Comics / State Of The Industry
« Last post by SickAlice on Today at 08:38:31 PM »
I suppose should start this somewhere for anyone that needs to let it out. I encourage venting here but mind the site rules. Also please try not to fight, remember everyone is just giving their own opinion on the matter and everyone is stressed out right now for more reasons than anyone should have to cope with currently.

I'm somewhat nonplussed myself. I don't have much going for me other than working and comics are the one thing I look forward to every week. I do think this needed to happen. The fact that the industry was locked in a sense that most vendors where stuck with one distribution company was only another thing keeping the industry from growing especially in an era where print is under fire. On the other I think companies should have been trying to do something before this especially the big two. Sucks as a reader though of course. I looked up and down because I wanted this to be an April Fools joke. I do believe the industry will survive. It never seems to follow the rules of any other than it's own. Likewise at least the big two are owned and backed by parent companies and for at least one of them the franchises other venues are based on are the companies breadwinners right now so I can't see them allowing it all to sink. Sort of like letting the heart go bad while knowing the rest of the body depends on it. The little guy however, sadly I imagine is going to have to change things for awhile and personally as a lot of those indy rags are my favorites.

"Spidey" by Jik is the one you want. He did a few test runs before settling on that one. Don't have a copy myself, lost my back-ups. Else they are all the same mesh just with bug fixes and better animations as go up. The named spidey was V.3 I think, it's been years.
Thank you so much for this, daglob. As I said in my edit above, I think I found the Vertex (and bobby69 which I was about to post about needing) meshes, as at least some of the download links on archived New Power Inc site are still available. Also as said in the edit, if I find any are not working, I'll reply again with a list of which ones I still need.
Everything I could find is loaded here:

All these are for FF1, but should convert easily enough (with the possible exceptions of the Male Teen 14 scopes-let me know if you need them in FFv3R and I’ll see if I have them-I did them so…). I include any skins with the mesh; if you don’t want them feel free to erase them (but I’d just burn the ones you don’t want to a disk, just in case). I don’t know what the differences are between the Zemo-2t and 3t alternate meshes; after getting Nifscope to let me look at the meshes last week, today it says I need to set it up all over again (Windows 10 is so sweet) . Also, I don’t know what the real differences between the three Male Heavy Giant meshes are, but here they are just in case. Cyber Burn sent you to Sick Alice’s fantastic Spider-Man mesh, and it is well worth having. I include Jik’s two Spiderman meshes (at least I hope they are different-again I can’t tell); one is a regular Male Basic, the other has the eyes filled in (and maybe the mouth?) to look more like Spidey’s mask. I include the Male Teen 14 scopes with the extras from a Tom Versatile mesh, for Robin and other characters. The scopes are kind of old and I should really update them, but here they are for now.  I included a couple of alternates of VX Male Muscled, just in case. I found VX Wild Child and Black Panther Gren. And you asked for Male Basic Effects; I posted a MBE with the glow and reflections texture turned on, and there are a whole bunch of skins with it. However, in case you meant the Male Basic with Human Torch-style special effect built into the mesh, I posted that one too. A lot of the keyframes, if not the ones that came with the mesh, will be Beyonder’s Azrael Keyframes for the appropriate mesh. VX meshes have whatever I though looked good with them.

Vertex meshes we can get to later.

Oops! for some reason the Spiderman mesh didn't upload. It's loading now along with a couple of alternates that may or may not be very different. They were different enough that I put them in a separate folder, but...
Mods / Re: Marvel Adventures Vol. 2 - New Release!!
« Last post by BentonGrey on Today at 08:20:19 PM »
Thanks for communicating with us, Omega, but Spyder is right.  I note this in the Readme, but it's still a scary thign to see your antivirus program ping those exes!  I built them myself, though, so there's no chance of them being infected.  Antivirus programs just don't like what they do, as they edit and move files around in the background (copying and renaming your campdef.dat in the mod folder).  If that still makes you nervous, feel free to delete them and use the manual instructions for changing campaigns.  You'll find those in the readme.  I hope you enjoy the mod!
EDIT: I found out the files (at least some) are still available from snapshots of New Power Inc, so I think I might have all the vx meshes I need, if some download links are dead I'll post again with a list.
Thanks, either I'm blind or Wild Child and Black Panther have been removed from the Grenadier one, I couldn't find them anywhere, but thanks for the rest of them.
Mods / Re: Marvel Adventures Vol. 2 - New Release!!
« Last post by spydermann93 on Today at 03:53:53 PM »
They're false positives. They just move and rename your campaign files around.
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