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Requests for Skins and Meshes / Hawkman T
« Last post by daglob on Today at 04:21:32 AM »
I have Hawkman, Hawkman tv, Hawkman tvlite, and Hawkman tf, but not plain old Hawkman t. I've found that I have a  couple of hexes of it, and they won't work without the keyframes. I've tried all the other Hawkman keyframes, and Tommy's regular Flyer kf. Could someone point me in the right direction, or send it to
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: New Request
« Last post by Borgaster on Today at 04:17:30 AM »
Hello, i want know if some Character Creator created Overman to Freedom Force.


Someone created a mesh or skin of this character?
General Discussion / Re: simple question
« Last post by BentonGrey on Today at 03:38:51 AM »
Yeah, that was a really neat mod, with such a massive and weird collection of characters!

Ha, cool SS, I didn't know that!
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Just curious
« Last post by OrWolvie1 on Today at 01:27:14 AM »
Just recently read the Man of Steel miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis. Good read, but it got me thinking about this. Has anyone in the community ever done a Rogol Zaar skin/mesh? I realize that he was a minor character in the DC universe, but he has potential as a major bad-arse.

General Discussion / Re: simple question
« Last post by Silver Shocker on Today at 12:36:02 AM »
I've been thinking since I saw this thread, and I have trouble deciding who my favorite character from Freedom Force is. Barring some character I forgot about, I'd probably say The Ant (my answer may very well have been different back when the game came out).

Speaking of the Great Hunt, I played that mod, I quite enjoyed it. And it holds some special quality to me, because I was in in it!

I voiced a terrified scientist, and a mercenary with a digitally altered voice. I wasn't proud of how either of them came out sounding.
FX / Re: an FX of a different type
« Last post by daglob on June 24, 2019, 10:41:43 PM »
Somebody has done an attack that is either a beam that acts like a projectile, or a projectile that acts like a beam. I can't look in the game and see to be sure.
FX / Re: an FX of a different type
« Last post by spydermann93 on June 24, 2019, 10:30:56 PM »
Do you want a beam-looking FX that can be dodged? Or just an attack that can miss?

Beams can miss, they just cannot be dodged.

If you want a beam attack that can miss, then you can just make a beam attack and give it a low accuracy.

If you want a beam-looking projectile, then that might be an issue since it seems projectiles are spawned as an independent entity while beams are a continuous texture. I'm not sure it's possible, but I could be wrong.
FX / an FX of a different type
« Last post by Panther_Gunn on June 24, 2019, 10:21:05 PM »
Was there a way to get a projectile FX to look like a beam?  I've got a power in mind that is a beam, but I want it to not have a high accuracy, and last I remembered beams always hit.  I'm working in  :ff:, so FFVTTR FX examples probably won't help me that much.
Skins / Re: Murs47's Casa de Crazy: Marvel Girl [Marvel Legacy] 6/2019
« Last post by spydermann93 on June 24, 2019, 10:13:09 PM »
*ears perk up*

What's that? Somebody mention something about 40k?
General Discussion / Re: zapatillas Reebok tiene una estructura de nailon
« Last post by Panther_Gunn on June 24, 2019, 09:40:46 PM »
Can I have the spam spam spam spam spam spam spam beaked beans spam spam spam and spam?
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