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Hero File Discussion / Using Multiple "Characters" Folders
« Last post by Cyber Burn on May 09, 2019, 01:48:06 AM »
So I've been asked about this a few times, so I'll go ahead and try and explain my set up.

Of course, you start with the "Art" folder:

Then you have your "Library" folder:       (Sometimes it works with the other folders, sometimes it doesn't, so I would just reccommend using the "Library" folder)

Inside your "Library" folder, you would normally have your "Characters" folder (I had already re-named mine when I took this screenshot, sorry)

So inside of all of these alternate "Characters" folders, are all my different Meshes:

Of course, in each Mesh's folder, you have the standard set-up:

And in your "Skins" folder, you have all your different Skins:

So there are two ways to do this:

The first is, you could first put the Meshes in the actual "Characters" folder, and then create your Hero File, and then move your Mesh, and then use one of the "Hero Tools" to change the path of your Hero File to the new folder.

The second method is to start with the Meshes in the alternate "Characters" folder, use a "Hero Tool" to create a generic Hero File pointed at that Mesh, and then create your Hero File in the game...IMPORTANT: This method does not always work!!!

And this is how I have gotten past the lag issue of having too many Meshes/Characters at a time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I usually just play the regular game, so this usually works for me.
I believe most of those are Fusion Meshes, fallen into the abyss that is the yellow triangle called yahoo.
Im not all that familiar with CC so I cant really say.But DC branching outside of superhero genre,that I welcome in general.
Indeed.  He's a great choice, and I am certainly curious about them combining Sgt. Rock and the Creature Commandos.
Yeah,that was a thing.
I think they are all taking inspiration from the same thing.Who the hell even did it first?

But Sgt Rock voiced by Karl Urban,that I can live with with.
You know, they did the same thing with Aquaman in that deplorable JL: Throne of Atlantis adaptation.  It's like the hacks who are writing these things can't conceive of a character arc that doesn't start at 'drunken loser' or 'wash out.'  You know, there are other types of arcs!
Eh,people like old (super)heroes I guess.
And I guess they are going for sort of a space western.
Okay, I just saw that DC is doing a "Showcase" collection with a bunch of short films:

These include Sgt. Rock and the Creature Commandos, Adam Strange, Death of the Endless, and the Phantom Stranger.  Now, that is a really cool list of characters, and it is great seeing DC explore some of these less-traveled corners of their universe.  Most of the blurbs sound pretty interesting, though I am already feeling my eyes roll about the Adam Strange one.  Heaven forbid we get a straight adaptation of a heroic character.  No, he's got to be a burnt-out drunk who USED to be someone.  Heroes!  That's particularly silly, because it isn't like Adam Strange has had a lot of shots at the limelight.

In general though, I think this is pretty cool.
Comics / Re: The Marvel Thread
« Last post by HarryTrotter on May 08, 2019, 03:31:55 PM »
Im sensing some resentment there.Did DC did something to you while you were young,Jason? This is Warren Ellis level of "spontanous" rant.
#DiDioManBad I guess?
Film, Television, Video and Music Discussion / Re: Marvel Movies
« Last post by Silver Shocker on May 08, 2019, 01:29:04 PM »
I just remembered something I'd forgotten for like two weeks since Avengers came out.

Thor really needs to stop doing that thing where he summons his weapon to his hand, indoors, several doors away. Seriously, Thor, it's a d*ck move. They made a joke out of it in Ragnarok but they do it again in Endgame (you can see it in some of the trailers) and the movie doesn't call attention to it.
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