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Comics / Re: The Marvel Thread
« Last post by HarryTrotter on October 13, 2018, 09:40:28 AM »
So,while Im generaly okay with Spencers sitcom vibe of ASM,he has a very Kevin Smith-like  idea that referencing a whole bunch of thing actually makes a story.
A trivia contest,look I know who made the spider-buggy.Also something about Kingpin,but who cares?Also,with the whole Patient Zero thing still somewhat fresh,it might be too early to have another bandaged mystery guy connected to Peter.
Thanks man,  I wish I had more time,  there are so many meshes I wish I could import.

anyway, here are a few more...

This is the DC Legends Harley Quinn,  she's got 3 different skins, and is based on keyframes by Gni, IPS and Jik.
Also, here's a quick low-poly mesh of Cyclops from the old game X-Men-Destiny.

and of course, not far behind Harley is her puddin'

Ripped from DC Unchained, Joker has a variety of keyframes from Renegade, Gni, Valandar and IPS.
Mods / Re: Marvel Adventures Vol. 2 - New Release!!
« Last post by Quarnz on October 13, 2018, 07:25:11 AM »
Hi Benton,
Just installed the mod V2.2. Everything seemed to go OK, but when I go to run any of the MA .exe files I get an error saying that "the program was made with an unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE."
Seems to happen with any of the EXEs I click on.   ;)
I have the GOG version of the game and it seems to run fine.
Thanks for the help
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: A Rare Request by DJ
« Last post by Deaths Jester on October 13, 2018, 05:35:49 AM »
You don't have to include the rocket for area or the puddle. And the biggest section I'm looking for are the hand size change, a few streched body melees, and maybe a streched out of way dodge - if possibie. The melee idle, run, and everything else can be normal male basic setups if you want - or something that fits with the idea of a scientist who rarely leaves his lab. Whatever you feel works and is doable, I'm cool with!

Must say, really wasn't expecting anyone to give it a try. So MAJOR THANKS already to you, DM!

That is a perfect answer.
It was only for the purpose of passing it because without my FFvs3R it is sometimes difficult for me to occupy my free time with the PC and I thought maybe it was of your interest.
To my personal taste, I like to have 1 version of each character, although with your Wolverines it is impossible to choose, even without having tried the last one.

 :thumbup:Everything that you also develop and provide is more than welcome and I think I speak on behalf of all the official downloaders of this post yours :)
Requests for Skins and Meshes / Re: A Rare Request by DJ
« Last post by detourne_me on October 13, 2018, 03:47:02 AM »
So this mesh was fairly simple to import. it's pretty low-poly, and I had to alpha enable it.  The problem is all of these 'stretchy' meshes,  Tommyboy's Mister Fantastic included, don't actually 'stretch' the mesh, they are usually scaling in and out static meshes, or meshes with deformed properties.
Texas Jack's Plastic man looks like it will be the easiest, since it has a dodge_right static mesh, a dodge_left static mesh, and an elongated mesh on a different biped.
There are also extras like the big head, big fists, rocket for area attack, and puddle for another dodge I think.
Thanks for the info Cranlox.
Sorry, though. Im trying to stay away from tue Xmen movie styled meshes. Ive tried before in the past with Mystique, and Ive got a couple of other meshes, but the are too high-poly for the game I think. Actually even the Contest of Champiobs meshes are almost too high-poly. The reason why it becomes an issue is because they are so smooth that they become jagged when rigged with the basic biped skeletons used in freedom force. You can see this especially happening around the shoulders and fingers.
These days I'm trying to stick more to the free-to-play mobile games for models (or older PC games). Those meshes are usually low-poly and have more in common with the freedom force mesh designs from 15 years ago.
General Discussion / Re: FXForce Forever meant
« Last post by Deaths Jester on October 12, 2018, 11:44:00 PM »
Such blasphmey by the red mucous one!! Besmirching my likeness with pics like such!
General Discussion / Re: FXForce Forever meant
« Last post by PreRaphaelite on October 12, 2018, 08:40:59 PM »
So if PreR ever checks back in this thread, I did a thing on the doop mesh while looking at skinning again.

I'm here, Mikey Mike! I'm that gosh-darn goopedy goop that you just can't get rid of. And that skin... SO KYUUT! I'm gonna be making everyone jealous with mah hot new lewk!

Oh! And DJ? Thanks for sharing that pic of you. But... er... I think you've got something in your eye?

Requests for Skins and Meshes / A Rare Request by DJ
« Last post by Deaths Jester on October 12, 2018, 08:28:57 PM »
Okay, we all know I rarely do this and when I do it's always a bit harder than normal so bear with me.  I'm wondering if anyone can convert the following mesh (just the one pictured, not the "tentacle form") and rig it to Syn's AOA_Morph or Texas Jack's Plastic_Man keyframes?  I don't know if that's possible but if so I think this might be an answer to a skin/mesh idea I've been contemplating for Herr Gummiband.  Not expecting it to happen, though, so if it doesn't that's okay too.

Mesh (Hyde Bohr) is here on dA!
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