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I thought we ought to start keeping a list of the missions created by members of Freedom Reborn (the board, not the SG).  I will keep the list organized so currently published missions are at the top.

If you want your mission listed, post here.  I don't want to 'harvest' missions without permission.

Please note things like whether the mission is intended for Heroes or Villains, and suggested level ranges if you can.

If you remove a mission from publication, or update a mission, please let me know.  

If any arc on the list hits the Hall of Fame or Dev's Choice, please let me know.  I will find some way of denoting that on the entry.

Published Architect Missions
ID# / Story Title / Author / Alignment / Level Range 63828 / "The Undoing"/ @Funeral Pyre2 / Neutral / 1-54 10171 / "Cutthroat Competition" / @Frozen Northman (Viking) / Villains / ? 1235 / "A Revenge Story"/ @Funeral Pyre / Villains / 1-54(34-54) 8055 / "A Day In The Life"/ @BlueBard / Heroes / 1-54 10173 / "A Tooth For A Tooth"/ @Frozen Northman (Viking) / Villains / 1-54(15-20) 24038 / "The Assassination Game"/ @Funeral Pyre / Villains / ? 20060/ "Skin Deep"/ @Tortuga / Neutral / 11-20 1224 / "Wicked, Wicked Wonderland" / @AncientSpirit / Neutral / 1-54 26409 / "Phalanx 7 - Part 1" / @Nappyrash (Reep)/ Heroes / ? 35482 / "Phalanx 7 - Part 2" / @Nappyrash (Reep)/ Heroes / ? 38902 / "Phalanx 7 - Part 3" / @Nappyrash (Reep)/ Heroes / ? 4563 / "Attack of the Copycats" / @Marmeille / Heroes / 1-54 29711 / "Green With Envy" / @Ephemeris / Heroes / 5-54(30-33) 147486 / "Galaxy Teens in Battle for the Future"/ @Kid Dynamo (Zapow)/ Heroes / 1-54 41925 / "Jail House Rock" / @Kid Dynamo (Zapow)/ Neutral / 35+ 55715 / "Freaks and Geeks" / @ElCondor / Heroes / 30+ 59193 / "Nuptial Interruptus" / @Funeral Pyre / Villains / 20-54 99458 / "The Unbearable Being of Lightness" / @JKCarrier / Heroic / 5-30 95495 / "Looking for Sewer Team" / Midnight / Heroic / ? 2520 / "Saturday Night Special" / @Korikuro / Neutral / 35-54 14577 / "Bonefire Redux" / @Iniscara / Heroic / 1-14 98235 / "The Utter End" / @Iniscara / Neutral / 40-54 106084 / "The Septus Tank - Part 1" / @MikeB7 / Neutral / ? 106085 / "The Septus Tank - Part 2" / @MikeB7 / Neutral / ? 112688 / "Jewelery Thief" / @Marmeille / Villains / 5-40 117195 / "Union Dues and Don'ts" / @Tortuga / Neutral / 25+ 120894 / "When Literature Attacks--Part I" / @Funeral Pyre2 / Neutral / 5-54 120894 / "When Literature Attacks--Part II" / @Funeral Pyre2 / Neutral / 5-54 138914 / "Fog of War" / @Frozen Northman (Viking) / Neutral / 40+ 139671 / "Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang" / @Crimson Shrike / Heroic / ? 162219 / "Fight of the Ages" / @Kid Dynamo / Neutral / 1-54 166250 / "The Diamant Armor" / @Verfall / Heroic / 1-54 180853 / "The Ones" / @Tortuga / Heroic / 1-54 191775 / "How The Other Half Lives" / @JKCarrier / Heroic / 43-50 210396 / "Gemini Rising" / @BlueBard / Heroic / 1-54 246920 / "Deus Ex -I" / Rain / Heroic / 1-50 318388 / "Villain For Hire" / @BlueBard / Villains / 5-40 299972 / "The Coldest of Wars" / Zetor / Heroic / 40-45 (1-54) ? / "?" / @? / ? / ?

Unpublished Architect Missions
ID# / Story Title / Author / Alignment / Level Range ? / "Honor Unbound"/ Ringside (Zapow) / Heroes / ? 7715/ "Bases Loaded"/ @Tortuga / Heroes / 5-40 47934 / "Here come the Clowns!" / @Kid Dynamo (Zapow)/ Heroes / 1-54 39929 / "The Three Rs: Raiders, Restoration and Revenge" / @Tortuga / Neutral / 40+ 156995 / "Framed!" / @BlueBard / Heroic / 1-54

I think this is a great idea, BB.    I would add that one should also include, in addtition to unique ID #, the description of the story that the player would see when browsing. 

I say this because I could see the FR/NRF gang being very helpful and checking out missions regardless of descriptors, (just as friends helping each other out) where others might be more selective.   Players here might be able to offer constructive advice to help intrique non-forum members into playing our missions as well.   

I thought about including descriptions, but that would interfere with a concise list.  I'm hoping to keep the list at one line each.  Basically ID, Title, Author Name (w/FR Member Name), Alignment, Level Range.

Still, I agree it's important.  So I will provide the mission descriptions here, if provided by the mission author.  That way if someone unpublishes a mission, it could be republished by popular request later on.

So start posting, Architects!

Mission Descriptions

Honor Unbound
An Honor Brigade themed mission

Cutthroat Competition
Arc ID: 2774
Faction: Villains
Creator Global/Forum Name: @Frozen Northman, though it shows the author by the Test Server local character, Absolut Brut.
Difficulty Level: Introduces some custom enemies halfway through the arc, and includes an Elite Boss at the end. However, also provides allies to make the Elite Boss manageable.  The Elite Boss will only appear as a lieutenant if you are using the lowest difficulty level.
Synopsis: A simple task from the Facemaker to round up a batch of live organ donors swiftly escalates into all-out war with another faction for the limited resource pool of innocent victims.
Estimated Time To Play: Four missions, runs from 30 minutes to an hour solo on Difficulty level 2.

Wicked, Wicked Wonderland
3-mission story arc for Levels 1-54, Heroes and Villains alike, with no AVs.
"Is the deck stacked against you as you try to save Alice from the Queen of Hearts and her dark secret?   Will you survive against her band of "Broken Hearts" ... or the onslaught of the "Not Playing with a Full Deck" gang?   You may never look at a deck of playing cards the same way again."
Previously published as "Waging War on Wonderland"

Galaxy Teens in Battle for the Future
Arc ID:48497
Morality: Hero
Length: 2 missions, medium
Level Recommended: 1-54
Enemy Groups: Custom groups
Description: The Galaxy Teens need your help to save their future! If you're a fan of the Legion of Superheroes you'll love this mission.

A Revenge Story
ID# 1235
Villains, Very Long, 5 missions with an EB in each mish and an EB and AV in the last.
Enemies: custom group (Freedom Academy), Longbow, and Vanguard, and some of my own toons as well.

A Day In The Life
For Heroes, Level 1-54
Long, 4 missions
Enemies: Council, Arachnos, Custom Group
A humorous look at what it's like to try to balance the demands of a superhero and his private life.  Built to solo, but not for the faint-of-heart.  The final mission is the most difficult and it has a couple of surprise twists for the unsuspecting.

A Tooth For A Tooth
Arc ID: 5388
Level Range: Mission 1 is 14-33, Missions 2 and 3 are 1-54, and Mission 4 is 15-20.
A centuries-old dwarf seeks to rebuild his power and influence in the modern age, taking vengeance as he does so.  Elements of Scandinavian mythology are incorporated.

Skin Deep
Arc ID: 20266
Neutral for Lvl Range: 11-20
A former Vahz surgeon named Botox is upsetting the organization and inciting a revolution by creating 'good looking' cadavers.  Defeat Botox and dismantle his operation.  It's a single multi-objective mission (30 minutes).  There's an EB/AV at the end.

The Assassination Game
ID # 1244
Length: Very Long
Custom characters, Freakshow, Crey, KoA.  EB in each mish and AV in the last, but will spawn EB if solo.
Basic Idea: a villainous version of tag.

Bases Loaded
Arc ID: 21800
Length: Very Long
Morality: Heroic
Lvls 5-40 will gain XP (one mission is open to 1-54)
Description: The Paragon City Planets are playing for the pennant in tonight's game but The Family has other plans.
5 missions: mission 1 and 4 are longer; 2, 3 and 5 go fast.  Two custom groups, 2 custom EBs and 1 custom AV.  It's definitely meant for teamplay, especially mission 4 which is pretty epic.

Phalanx 7 - Part 1
ID: 14736
Morality: Heroic
Length: 3 Missions
Enemy Groups: Banished Pantheon, Custom Groups, Arachnos
Description: Meet the new crime-fighting force in Paragon City, The Phalanx 7! Dr Smart leads you through the beginning of this new adventure. But are these righteous do-gooders all that they may seem?

Phalanx 7 - Part 2
ID: 35482
Morality: Heroic
Length: 4 Missions
Enemy Groups: Paragon Police, Custom Groups, Arachnos
Description: After the truth about Dr Smart came to surface, you are left with the anonymous sphere. You find yourself lost for what to do next... until you are approached by a very shadowy figure.

Phalanx 7 - Part 3
by: @Nappyrash
ID: 38902
Morality: Heroic
Length: 4 Missions
Enemy Groups: Custom Groups, Arachnos
Description: Sentryman is saved and Colonel Anarchy's plot is unraveled. All that is left for you and Sentryman to do is save the Phalanx 7 and bring Colonel Anarchy to his demise.

Attack of the Copycats
Arc ID: 4563
Length: Long (3 missions)
Morality: Heroic (lvl 1-54)
Enemy Groups: custom
Description:  A mad scientist has captured the feline heroine Marmeille and is trying to raise a clone army of Marmalots using her DNA, you must rescue her. (First mission is defeat all with one EB/boss, second mission has one EB/boss and 3rd mission has one AV/EB with one ally to help)

Green With Envy
Arc ID: 29711
Length: Very Long
Morality: Heroic
Most Missions are Lvls 5-52, 4th mission's boss is 46-50 (one mission is 14-33)
Description: White Clover's older brother is in trouble and needs your help!
5 missions: an EB/AV at the end the arc.

The Three Rs: Raiders, Restoration and Revenge
by: @Tortuga
Arc ID: 39929 (I think)
Morality: Neutral
Length: 3 Missions
Level Recommended: 40+
Enemy Groups: Sky Raiders, Crey and Custom Group (Canadian Assault Tech)
Description: In the early 1970s, Martin Cavanaugh helped design the Arrow, an advanced infantry battlesuit.  When the government pulled funding, he lost everything.  Now you can help him exact revenge on those that stole his plans and his dream.
Info: Missions 1 and 2 can be fairly quick - you're searching for stuff and clues.  Mission 3 is a defeat all with an AV at the end.  This arc is recommended for Lvl 40+ (although mission 1 is set for 20-35 b/c of the Sky Raiders).

Jail House Rock
by: @Kid Dynamo
Arc ID:41925
Morality: Neutral
Length: 1 mission
Level Recommended: 35
Enemy Groups: Longbow, Armored PPD, and a signature hero.
Description: Weaponeer got himself busted. Now you have to bust him out of The Zig. Or else.
Info: Ally, boss, ambushes, patrols, battles.

Here come the Clowns!
by: @Kid Dynamo
Arc ID:47934
Morality: Hero
Length: 1 mission, short
Level Recommended: 1-54
Enemy Groups: Custom group, The Fun Gunners.
Description: Fun Gun and his Fun Gunners have hit town. Time to hit them back.
Info: Defeat all, Boss.

Galaxy Teens in Battle for the Future
by: @Kid Dynamo
Arc ID:48497
Morality: Hero
Length: 2 missions, medium
Level Recommended: 1-54
Enemy Groups: Custom groups
Description: The Galaxy Teens need your help to save their future! If you're a fan of the Legion of Superheroes you'll love this mission.

Freaks and Geeks
by: @El Condor
Arc ID: 55715
Morality: Heroic
Length: 3 Missions
Level Recommended: 30+
Enemy Groups: Freakshow, Crey, custom (Crey GenEx)

Description: Paragon City's active geek community has done much to contribute to its status as a cutting-edge, techno-infused metropolis. Now it's time to pay it back and save the geeks in their greatest hour of need!

Nuptial Interruptous
ID # 59193
lvl 20-54
This is a 3 story arc with custom group throughout, EB in second mish, AV in third.
Detail: Penny Poison's groom has been abducted.  Help her get him back.

The Unbearable Being of Lightness
by: @JKCarrier
Arc ID: 99458
Morality: Heroic
Length: 3 Missions
Level Recommended: 5-30
Enemy Groups: Tuatha de Dannon, Legacy Chain, Custom
Description: The heroic mages of the Legacy Chain are under attack, just as they begin an ambitious new project. When dealing with magic, be careful what you wish for. The last mission has an AV.

Looking for Sewer Team
by Midnight
Arc ID: 95495
Morality: Heroic
Length: 3 Missions
Enemy Groups: Hellions

Saturday Night Special
by: @Korikuro
Arc ID: 2520
Morality: Neutral
Length: 1 Mission
Level Recommended: 35+
Enemy Groups: Custom Groups
Description: Grab your barbecue chips and 2-litre bottles of coke, it's time to hang with the cool kids! ( a tongue in cheek fantasy adventure; contains an AV and non-scaling EBs )

Bonefire Redux
by: @Iniscara
Arc ID: 14577
Morality: Heroic
Length: 4 Missions
Level Recommended: 12+
Enemy Groups: Skulls, Hellions
Description: You know it, you love it, you're... bored to tears of it... ( an upgrade of an old favourite, lvl 10-14, contains EBs. Can be challenging to solo )

The Utter End
by: @Iniscara
Arc ID: 98235
Morality: Neutral
Length: 4 Missions
Level Recommended: 40+
Enemy Groups: Custom Groups
Description: A scourge has been loosed upon the Earth, and the end of all things is nigh.  You are the strongest of those that remain, and whether for justice or merely for survival... a fierce struggle lies before you.  ( A dark-themed story-driven arc.  Contains an AV )

The Septus Tank part 1
by: @MikeB7
Arc ID: 106084
Morality: Neutral
Length: 2 Missions
Enemy Groups: Custom groups
Description:  You awake in a laboratory with no idea who you are. You must recover your memories and defeat those responsible.

The Septus Tank part 2
by: @MikeB7
Arc ID: 106085
Morality: Neutral
Length: 2 Missions
Enemy Groups: Custom groups, Arachnos
Description:  You've made your way out of the laboratory complex with information on who can restore your memories.

Jewelery Thief.
By: @Marmeille
Arc ID: 112688
Length: 5 missions (3 unique very short maps and 2 medium maps)
Morality: Villainous (lvl 5-40)
Enemy Groups: Family, Security Guards, Custom Group
Description:  Pull a couple of jewelery heists for the Verandi Family. (This arc has no EBs or AVs, be warned that the first mission can be failed but the story goes on no matter what.)

Union Dues and Don'ts
Arc ID: 117195
Length: 5 missions
Morality: Neutral
Enemy Groups: Scrapyarders, Cage Consortium, PPD, Rogue Island Police
Description: Scrapyarder Local 151 union rep, Hank Garett, offers you tips on being an effective union member.
Suggested Level: high 20s+

When Literature Attacks--Part I
Arc ID: 120894
Length 2 missions
Morality: Neutral
Enemy Groups: Custom
Description: Someone is bringing literary characters (from short stories by Poe and Hawthorne) to life in an effort to create an army to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!  (Both mishes have an EB)
Level Range: 5-54

When Literature Attacks--Part II
Arc ID: 120904
Length: 1 mission
Morality: Neutral
Enemy Group:  Custom and CoT
Description: The conclusion where you fight the three EBs who have been bringing the literary characters to life. (This is a defeat all with 3 EBs at the end.  You get an EB as an ally.  There is also a rescue, some battles, some patrols, and one ambush.)
Level Range: 5-54 (For squishies, they may want at least one teammate.)

Fog of War
Arc ID: 138914
Length: 5 missions
Morality: Neutral
Enemy Groups: Council, Rikti, Red Caps, Cimeroran Traitors, Custom
Description: Architect Entertainment services has been experiencing some odd fantasy-themed glitches with their arcs.  They'd like for you to handle the debugging.  (This arc spoofs fantasy-themed MMORPGs.)
Recommended Level Range: 40+.  I'd also tend to recommend bringing along at least one teammate.  The last mission includes two Elite Bosses.  And the custom enemies, while toned down, were still made to cover a range of abilities.

Arc ID: 156995
Length: 4 missions
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Groups: Paragon Police, Custom Group
Description: Use your keen observational skills and investigative know-how to solve the case!  Hint: This mission will be much more enjoyable if you pay attention to the clues and the dialog.  This story arc is built to make you think.  It CAN be soloed, but it's tough on squishies. (See post for extra hints if you need them.)

Granny Granite and the Senior Moment Gang
Length: 3 missions
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Groups: Custom group
Description "When a doctor develops a new formula to rejuvinate his elderly patients, the experiment goes horribly awry, unleashing a crime wave on Paragon City. Soloable. Can be a challenge pre-level 10. No EB/AV. [SFMA]"

Fight of the Ages
Arc ID: 162219
Length: 4 missions
Morality: Neutral
Enemy Groups: Several custom groups
Description: The Matchmaker wants to pit you against the greatest warriors of all time. Are you game? AVs, ambushes, patrols, defeat all.
Recommended Level Range: 1-54 (A team is required)

The Diamant Armor
Arc ID: 166250
Length: 4 missions
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Groups: Council, Custom Group
Description: Follow the trail of a lost 5th Column armor prototype
Recommended Level Range: 1-54 (Team would be preferable, but doable solo)

The Ones
Arc ID: 180853
Length: 3 missions
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Groups: Snakes, Tuatha, Nictus, Customs
Description: Montague Castanella (Midnighter Squad) has given you the task of finding The One.  Problem is, there are too many Ones!
Recommended Level Range: 1-54 (Team is recommended, especially for Mission 3)

How The Other Half Lives
by: @JKCarrier
Arc ID: 191775
Morality: Heroic
Length: 4 Missions
Level Recommended: 43-50
Enemy Groups: Hydra, Rikti, Vanguard Shield, Arachnos
Description: It's so crazy, it just might work: Paragon City and the Rogue Isles have agreed to exchange representatives, so each can see how the other half lives. Can you take a young villain under your wing and steer them towards good? Or at least keep them out of trouble?

Gemini Rising
Arc ID: 210396
Morality: Heroic
Length: 3 missions
Level Range:  1-54 (but specially designed for levels 5-15)
Enemy Groups: Custom
Description:  It's a new supervillain for Paragon City, but anybody who's played Freedom Force will recognize the M.O.

Deus Ex -I
Arc ID: 246920
Length 5 missions
Morality: Heroic
Enemy Groups: Custom
Description: The rise of a new threat or just business as usual in Kings Row?
Level Range: 1-50

Villain For Hire
Arc ID: 318388
Length: Long (5 missions)
Morality: Villainous
Enemy Groups: Security Guards, Longbow, Family, Arachnos
Recommended Level Range: 5-40

"When times are bad, a bad guy sometimes has to resort to extreme measures... like becoming a villainous temp for hire!"
(Contains some custom NPC's)

The Coldest of Wars
Arc ID: #299972
Alignment: Heroic
Level range: 1-54 ("officially" 40-45, but I used a lv18-20 villain group for playtesting)
Enemy groups: Crey, Freakshow, Winter Horde, custom group (moderately challenging)
Synopsis: The Federal Bureau of Super-Powered Affairs keeps a close eye on Crey, trying to find evidence about a suspected illicit superhero engineering program. You assist agent Janet Kellum following a lead about a potential breakthrough, only to find that this time, Crey have bitten off way more than they can chew; their meddling has awakened an ancient, all-but-forgotten enemy. Can you stop this old-new menace before it's too late?
Other notes: This is a light-hearted arc in the spirit of 60's TV spy shows; it is intended to be a prelude to the 'official' Crey-related Janet Kellum arc. Last mission has a controller-type EB, but it will downgrade to a soloable boss on a low difficulty setting. Alternatively, carry breakfrees! The custom group has been re-tuned after I16 to be significantly less annoying and still give good XP.

Honor Unbound by Ringside. It's an Honor Brigade themed mission.

I completed my first arc: The Undoing @ Funeral Pyre.  The id # is 14696.  I tweaked it as much as possible last night, but it was so late, I didn't test the latest revisions.  I would appreciate any comments.  Also, what type of enemy layout, such as staggered, back loaded, etc. is everyone choosing?  Some of them, and I can't remember which ones atm, seem to spawn enemies that are too low. 


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