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Author Topic: Murs47's Casa de Crazy: Marvel Girl [Marvel Legacy] 6/2019  (Read 77168 times)

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Re: Murs47's Casa de Crazy: Marvel Girl [Marvel Legacy] 6/2019
« Reply #810 on: June 29, 2019, 03:05:45 AM »

It definitely sounds like you know what you're doing. The Carnifex model is so frickin sweet! You honestly have a lot going on for 500 points. How cheap is a Carnifex? And what's this Tabletop Simulator thing?

lI wish I knew what I was doing, haha

If by how expensive it is you mean points-wise, it's 106pts. Money-wise, I don't know. This is all in Tabletop Simulator

Tyranids are a very swarmy faction. Their basic troops (the Gants) are super cheap and very numerous (which makes them expensive to buy because you have to get a lot of them, lol).

Tabletop Simulator is a game on Steam that lets you play any boardgame out there (well, not EVERY boardgame, but a lot of them). There are tons of easy-to-install mods (literally one click and you're good to go) and with Warhammer 40k being so popular, there are tons of mods that include many of the most recent models. It's super helpful being able to build and test armies in there before looking to see how much it would all cost.

It's also a lot easier to find people to play with on there. And you can make the army of your dreams without having to actually buy a million models. Downside is that you can't paint them which is half the fun, lol.

I'm currently making sure I have a Battalion Attachment for the extra 5 CPs. Other than that, rule of cool all the way.

My 500 point roster:

1. Chaos Lord w/ jump pack [Alpha Legion Chainsword Relic + Power Fist]
2. Exalted Champion [Power Axe + Chainsword]

3. 5-Man CSM Squad [Champ: Power Fist / Rest: Chainswords + Bolt Pistols]
4. 5-Man CSM Squad [Champ: Power Sword / Special: Plasma / Rest: Boltguns]
5. 5-Man CSM Squad [Champ: Combi-Bolter / Heavy: Autocannon / Rest: Boltguns]

6. Raptors [Champ: Lightning Claws x2 / Rest: Chainswords + Bolt Pistols]

I probably should go ranged instead of melee due to the Alpha Legion trait, but melee is so much cooler! Less than half are painted as well so I won't be finding out how this roster works for a while.

Chaos is one of my faves, aestheticly. I remember when I first saw them in Dawn of War when I was little and was like "THAT IS SO FREAKIN COOOOOL!!" Rule of Cool for Life :P

And dude, melee is so much fun! That's why I'm going Nids just so I can swarm people and melee them to death. Sucks fighting Eldar, Imperial Guard, and Tau, though. They just blast away everything that I have, lol. My very first game was against an Eldar player and she destroyed all of my troops before I even got to her lines. It was great!

She also didn't tell me about CP or what detachments are, lol

Is there a Khorne build that you can go for? If you want to smash some heads with your power axes, Khorne's your guy.