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Author Topic: Deadman Returns (conclusion!)  (Read 897 times)

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Deadman Returns (conclusion!)
« on: September 09, 2009, 08:06:16 PM »
Remember Deadman Returns part 1?
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Here is Deadman Returns part 2!

Deadman walked down some stairs. He was going to confront Big Dickie who was a rough customer who killed Deadman's family before he died and turned into Deadman and then Big Dickie killed him and he turned into Deadman. He walked down the first step silently. Deadman had been busy.. busy killing all Big D's bad guy henchmen. He thought about all their dead bodies which were lying dead upstairs. He fed one fat guy a huge drug sandwich. He stepped on the second step which let out a bloodcurdling (but not to Deadman, his blood was black and didn't curdle) screech like a million baby bears drowning in acid crying out for their mama bears who couldn't save them because it was winter and they were hibernating plus if they tried to save them they'd just die too because of the acid. The third and fourth steps were quiet so Deadman remembered how Big Dickie killed him and his family. This made him mad but it was okay because he was walking down to kill Big Dickie already anyway. As he walked down the last two steps, each creaked just a bit, like a single dolphin dying of cancer. Then he saw Big Dickie sitting in a big, thronelike chair for some reason. Two underage girls in bikinis were sitting in smaller chairs on his two sides. He was a huge muscly guy with no neck, he had veins busting out of his bald head with the letters "BD" tattooed on it. The "B" stood for Big and the "D" stood for Dickie, he would say to people before he killed them.
"Why hello there, Deadman, it seems you finally found me," he said smugly, "Girls, leave us."
The 16-17 year old girls got up to leave but Deadman broke a piece of wood off of the stair railing and threw it at the blonde girl and grabbed a Kork CD and threw it at the redhead at the exact same time. The wood sailed at the girl and broke through her rib cage and punctured her heart and lungs so she couldn't breath or pump blood and she died. The Korn CD went spinning at high speed and went through the redhead's neck. It didn't cut her head clean off but it jammed deep into her spine so her brain disconnected and she fell to the ground.
"WOOD you like to say something?" Deadman asked the blonde while she choked on blood and vomited oxygen. She didn't answer but if she could she would've said, "Like oh my god, Deadman, why did you kill me?" and he would've said, "For hanging out with Big Dickie, and how are you talking?"
Then Deadman turned to the redhead, "Sorry if that joke was a little KORNy!"
Big Dickie got mad. "You killed my strippers, jerkneck!" he yelled as he stood up. But then he started to laugh smugly.
"Why so smug, Punk? You know I'm about to kill you to get revenge for when you killed my family so maybe you should just give it up now and maybe I'll go easy on ya!" Deadman said, but he wasn't going to go easy on him at all because he was really mad.
"I'm laughing because I have a mutant experiment that is going to kill you behind this big door behind me. See, I created these big freak monsters using some scientists I kidnapped to build an army of bad guys to take over the city. But you won't be able to defeat me because this one will  kill you!" Big Dickie replied.
"Yeah right!" Deadman said, "You can't kill me... I'm already dead. From when you killed me you loser!"
A big door opened up and two HUGE mutant giant freaks were standing behind it. There was one who was a big green guy who had spikes on his back and gross yellow toenails. No one could stop this thing but maybe Deadman could. Deadman was smart though so he tried to stop Big Dickie as he ran away but the monster stood in front of him and was like, "RAWR".
"Nice to meet you, Deadman, but I really must be going. Enjoy the company!" Big Dickie smugly chuckled.
"Curse your smug hide!" he yelled, bit Big Dickie just ran away.
The monster threw him against the other wall and Deadman scrambled to his feet. "All right, pal, time to take your medicine!" Deadman jumped at him and punched him in the torso, but it barely made a dent! "Whoa, why can't I dent you?!" he said. The snarling beast monster freak punched his arm out of place and sent Deadman to the floor. There was a ceiling fan spinning. Deadman popped his arm into place without even crying. He did a backflip and grabbed a lamp and kicked off the shade. The mutant monster freak beast growled at him hungrily and tried to hammerfist Deadman who dodged one fist but got barely hit by the other. This mutant monster freak beast creature would be his toughest customer yet! Deadman smashed the bulb off the lamp leaving behind a sharp part where the bulb used to be and the exposed wires which were running with electric power. "Time to pay the power bill, ya chowderhead!" Deadman said as he jammed the lamp into the armpit of the giant mutant monster freak beast creature who howled with electrical discomfort as 10,000 volts went through his entire bloodstream and started to melt his brain. Dazed, the giant mutant monster freak beast creature brute jumped onto Deadman and started trying to crush him down into the ground. Suddenly the TV came on with Big Dickie's head."Well Deadman," said Big Dickie, "It looks like you're in quite a pickle... a pickle sandwich!"
Deadman was being crushed so he couldn't say anything cool. "What's the matter Deadman, still sad about your stupid family? Don't you like your new friend?"
Deadman got like ten times stronger when Big Dickie made fun of his family and managed to push the giant savage mutant monster freak beast creature brute off of him. "Oh yeah," he said, "I'm his biggest FAN!" and pushed the giant savage mutant monster freak beast creature brute villain up toward the ceiling. It's head hit the fan, and cut it up like a chainsaw through pizza, blood painted the entire room red and brains painted some areas purple. The fan suctioned its entire body into 1035 pieces. Suddenly three cops busted into the basement with guns. Officer Tina was leading them.
"Freeze Deadman, just what in the heck happened down here?" Deadman didn't freeze. Instead he started walking away.
"Stop or I'll shoot Deadman, " she said with tears in her eyes.
"What good will that do, Tina? I'm already dead," he said, as a kitten came up to Deadman and rubbed against his leg. Maybe he wasn't so dead inside after all, thought Tina. She lowered her gun. "Just... go," she cried. Deadman jumped out of the basement through a window and set off to find Big Dickie.
 "Oh Deadman, " Tina said, "Why did I have to fall in love with you?"
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