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Happy Holidays!

Author Topic: Freedom Reborn: Origins  (Read 1681 times)

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Freedom Reborn: Origins
« on: August 25, 2010, 08:55:40 AM »
I wonder if people here would be interested to participate and write up some origin stories old or new, funny or serious about their favorite freedom reborn characters and avatars. Everyone is invited to participate. Any freedom reborn member,avatar welcomed unless that member doesn't give permission of course. I would love to hear the different stories everyone here can come up with.  So who's willing to start? :)

Edited to add some rules: In respect with other people's avatars, if one is going to write about other people's avatars, i think one should ask that particular member for permission first. But if it's about your avatar then i guess no permission is required. Respect for other people's avatar should always be maintained. :)
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Re: Freedom Reborn: Origins
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 06:48:04 PM »
One day in Canada Theodore Tato was walking to the store to buy Freshie drinks because he can't handle beer. Two guys came out from an alley and said "give us your wallet" and he did because he was just so very scared, in fact he was crying like the littlest baby. He gave them his wallet and all that was inside was a membership card to the Alan Thicke fan club and back-up tape for his glasses. Also Theodore wore his pants up really high. The two thugs got really mad and kicked him way too many times until he was sore all over. They even broke his glasses and he didn't have his back-up tape. He was so sad and he cried and cried and cried.

He went home and decided to become a superhero instead of a little girly-boy so he went to his Christmas (which in Canada takes place in March) decorations and got out the ugly red and green tree skirt and a pair of scissors and his little pink sewing machine and got to work. He went to the fridge to get a meat pie at one point, but then he continued working into the night. Finally, the next morning he was done! He put on the costume, and he was almost ready. But he needed inspiration, and inspiration he found in the crust of his half-eaten pot pie...
From this day forward, all villainy shall bow at my barnacled feet! I am the potato, I am

The next morning, Theodore sat in whatever Canadians have instead of jail. He had been arrested for murdering 23 people with a rusty meathook. No one had posted bail. He looked down at his WWATD bracelet and murmured to himself, "What WOULD Alan Thicke do?" He didn't know, his mind had grown so detached from reality ever since he was fired from his job at the Reitmans. This was trouble for him, and he knew it. But there was still hope that the Charter of Rights would allow him to go free after his trial. Because Canada is soft on crime.
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Re: Freedom Reborn: Origins
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2010, 06:54:04 PM »
LOL! Wow, that was awesome!

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Re: Freedom Reborn: Origins
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2010, 04:48:19 AM »
One day in the heart of the north pole, in the house of a jolly old man with fetishes for cookies and elves, one of the elves was working on a delightful new toy; it was a raygun, designed to create duplicates of people. Why Santa's elves of people of all people would think that anything with the word 'gun' in it's title would be just fine in the hands of kids is beyond me. Anyway, the only problem was that no-one was willing to serve as a Guinea Pig test subject,for there was the possibility of literally being split into two. But, lo and behold, Santa was in a festive mood, engaging in some holiday binge drinking, and was all too willing to serve as a test subject. But when the gun was used, it had...interesting results.

In some ways, it worked, as a duplicate was created, but in other ways, it went horribly wrong. This Santa had strange abilities, such as incredible super-strength, a powerful distorted laugh-beam coming out of his mouth, and regenerative abilities caused by laughter, with laughter of the mad and insane serving a bit better then regular laughter. And this duplicate was not an example of good will towards men. Starting out, he had the desire to set up the elves like pins and play bowling...with Santa as the ball. But, after just one game, he decided to explore the vast world beyond that lay beyond the North Pole. And so, a villain was born! But, after much soul searching, a hero was born; Kkhohoho! (The k's came from a bout of binge drinking. Like father, like son duplicate.
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Re: Freedom Reborn: Origins
« Reply #4 on: August 26, 2010, 05:37:58 AM »
I think it's a great start. Thanks for sharing those stories BWPS and khohoho. :cool:

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Re: Freedom Reborn: Origins
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2010, 01:56:39 AM »
This is very rough and rushed but here goes.

Learning to Fly

   Standing on the edge of the cliff, he looks down as he steels himself to once again throw himself at the ground and hoping this time he misses.  Fortunately, the same accident that gave Alan Gardiner wings also gave him some added strength and resilience, but not so much resilience that he wasn't feeling the scrapes and bruises from the previous attempts at flight.  He looks back at his wife and says, “what makes you think I even have what it makes to be a super hero?  For all we know, these wings could be purely vestigial.”

   The brown-skinned and beautiful Emma said, “We don't know that they are vestigial, and as for being a super hero, you are much tougher and stronger than when you were norm...before you got your powers.  You could probably as heroic as Captain Spectacular.”

   The misstep of almost reminding Alan that he was no longer normal stung at his heart, but he knew that his meant well be it.  “Captain Spectacular has a lot more strength than I have.  He is the city's greatest hero.  I've never even been in a real fight before.  I wouldn't even know what to do,” he complained as he turned to look at the horizon once more.

   “Captain Spectacular had to learn to fly without wings.  That had to be harder.  Besides, you are a lot smarter than he is.  I bet he doesn't know half of what you do.”

   Alan looks at the ground below, the cliff, the horizon, and uniform that his wife made for him.  “What is that name you made up for me again?  Tee...Too...Tuh...?”

   “Tawodi Osdi.  It is Cherokee for good hawk.  It's a good name.  It suits you.”

   He mumbles “what's the Cherokee for hen-pecked?”

   “I heard that, and I'll start calling you Chicken Hawk if you don't jump off that cliff.”

   Alan looks back at his wife again remembering the way she stood by him after the accident.  Always at his side.  She can be a shrew sometimes, but deep down he knows that is what he needs in his life as he struggles with his monstrous deformity.

   Emma Gardiner looks upon her husband with a strange combination of love and fear while with difficulty maintaining the calm and stern facade she learned from her drill instructor father.  Emma thinks back to before those brown beautiful bird wings that is coming from his back.  She remembers the way he used to be, funny, confident, and smart.  She could care less if he becomes a super hero.  She just wants him to return to his old self.  She wants him to be unashamed  to go out in public and no longer hide in these woods.  She wants him to continue his Ph,D as he had planned.  Most of all, she wants to dine and dance with her as he once did.

   Alan looks down once again.  Reminds himself that he made progress made last time.  “I actually glided for a little bit before hitting that tree.  Besides, I'm a biology major.  I studied all of those bird in flight movies.  I know what needs to done.  I just need to figure out how to do it.”  He looks back at his wife give her a wave, and as he does, the ledge he is standing on gives way and he starts to fall.  Emma screams, and Alan panics.  He wasn't ready his mind races trying to remember what to do and sees the ground coming up fast.  He closes eyes as the airs flies past him.  Shivers of fear run through his arms, legs, and even his wings, and as he is expecting an impact...nothing.  Just an unusual flapping noise.  Emma gives out an exhilarated yell.  Alan opens his eyes to see the top a tree coming at him.  He panics again and reflexively his wings change their motion and he rises easily above the tree tops. 

   Alan finally realizes that he is actually flying.  He then tries analyze what is going and to ponder the beating of his wings, but as he starts to ponder he slightly loses control and panics again and, once again, regains control.  “Ha Ha!  I've been over-thinking the problem.  This isn't so bad if I just let it happen.”  He tries turning, ascending, and descending realizing he was always meant to fly long before he had wings.  He did not lose what he was.  He became what he was meant to be.

   After practicing for a few more minutes, the muscles in his wings start to tire from the unfamiliar exertion.  He looks back towards his.  She is about a mile away, but by focusing his eye, she looks as though right next to him.  He turns around to returns to her, and as he gets closer to landing distance realizes that he doesn't know how to land.  He forces his mind to relax as he decides to just let it happen.  He descends quickly but the spreading wings slows him down but he is still going slightly to fast.  He lands on his feet, but the forward momentum pushes him forward causing him to stumble and tumble for about five feet.
   Emma runs to his side as he picks himself up from the ground and turns to face her.  Barely hiding her fear she bravely starts, “now, that you have learned flying  we will have to work on landing ne...Your lip!  It's swollen!”  Alan touches his lip winces, give a hardy laugh, picks up his wife, and gives her the most passionate kiss she's had in over a year.