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Author Topic: DCUO Sourcecast DLC6 Summary  (Read 798 times)

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DCUO Sourcecast DLC6 Summary
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:31:36 PM »
DCUO Sourcecast DLC6 Summary:

Some notes:


    Fire and Ice update is targetted for Update 23 sometime around February.
    The Winter Event is set to start Dec 11th.
    Update 22 will have the DLC5 instances for bosses.
    There was a cryptic statement about more information on powers being released in the next month, but it wasn't clear (at least to me) whether that would be the Sorcery/Nature Updates, new power sets or some other change to powers in general.
    Update 23 should see a change to ways to generate in game cash both from content as well as vault and other sources.  Basically this is a response the EU problem.

DLC6 Lair Information:

    The mainframe functionality will have an initial MoT cost and a month "utility bill" of both in game cash and marks.
    Entrances to lairs will reflect the type of lair.  Multiple characters could have the same entrance point.
    Lairs will cost different amounts depending on location and type.
    Lair Duels, will be best of 5 matches with cut scenes showing destruction etc.  Matches for the duels will be queued and random.  You can also invite other players into your lair.
    You can give mainframe permissions to other players to move items and/or interact with your lair.  No specific limit of the number of players that you can invite to your lair, likely to be in the 100s.
    Hideouts are separate from lairs.  All players will get a hideout around this time.  Hideouts are the low rent version of lairs with limited capabilities.  Lairs are much bigger with multiple floors
    At launch there will be one hideout (available for everyone), and two lairs, Deco and Gothic, available for Legendary and anyone who purchases Home Turf. There are four additional Lairs planned for the Marketplace, and likely more in the future.
    Default colour scheme will be your current style, default emblem will be your current emblem.  Can be changed after the fact.  Some lair elements cannot be changed.  Mostly it's accent colours.

DLC 6 cont.

    Most components like furniture etc. are destructible props.  There will be number of amenities like bank, mail station that will have functionality.  They kinda side-stepped whether that would include sparring bots.
    A process will involve placing a number of items in your lair in sockets to later unlock free placement.  The items involved in the duels will be the ones placed in the socketed locations.  This will keep players from placing items strategically to make combat difficult.
    White sockets on the gear are related to the mainframes and a new type of mod.  They wouldn't go into detail though.  The phrase was "interesting ability" mods.  It wasn't mentioned if the codex gear etc., will be changed to accommodate them.
    Other amenities from the mainframe will include: orbital strikes, supply drops, henchmen/sidekicks and mod research (the white sockets).
    Henchmen/Sidekicks will reflect the theme of your lair.  An example was eastern theme would have ninja.  Some customization will exist beyond that.
    Items for the lair will drop in loot across the board.  Level 12 and up and for all content, not just DLC 6.  Most items can be resold in the broker.
    Number of lairs per player are TBA.  Might be the result of player feedback on test.  Sounds likely to be 3-4.
    DLC6 PVE content will be Tier 4 solo content.  Ace, Arkham, Steelworks and Styker are the locations.  Challenge level is quite high.  More details to come on that.  Rewards are likely to be Marks of War but this is not 100%.
    Should be on the test server before Christmas.  Mepps said 2012 for sure.

Other Information

    Saved load-outs are targeted for DLC 8.
    PVP balance issues.  Specifically Jordan and Steel
    Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow as Legends were broached but there was no commitment to an answer.
    Legends only in the marketplace was briefly discussed and it was pretty much confirmed that in 2013 there will be a mix of marketplace and in game legends.