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Author Topic: Ideas for using the 'defuse' animation  (Read 553 times)

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Ideas for using the 'defuse' animation
« on: August 13, 2014, 10:26:21 PM »
Hey guys, I like looking through keyframes sets and seeing if I can repurpose keyframes for other uses in-game; for example renaming an alternate flight animation to tumble for quick getaways.

Well, while making my Star-Lord skope, based off of Gren's Iron Man, I noticed a pretty lengthy 'defuse' animation, complete with wiping sweat from brow!
Well I'm going to add some 'leave_hand' or 'contact' points at the end of it.  This will be a great way to:

A) act as a field medic.  It looks like he's performing surgery. I know that the restoration power has an incredibly high cost, but that will be offset by the incredibly long animation time.
B) act as an 'engineer', setting up turrets or drones. You could use the Limey Lure swap to summon an AI controlled turret or drone.

I think this could really impact gameplay too. Because it's a long animation, your character will have to be somewhat isolated, or protected by teammates. Think of that one level when Sky King needs to recalibrate his suit. However the stakes might be even higher here, cause anything that disrupts the animation would cause him to need to start over.

So, are there any other ideas we could use this for? Also I'm thinking of some characters that could benefit from this;
Mr. Fantastic/Ant-Man/Iron Man types that would set up machines to use in the field.
Elixir/Triage healer types that would need to heal serious injuries.
I think Star-Lord could potentially do both healing and setting up drones. Are there any other field medic/engineer characters out there?

Offline spydermann93

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Re: Ideas for using the 'defuse' animation
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2014, 11:30:03 PM »
Huh, never thought of using that animation for medics.

Good thinking, DM!

Another two possible characters I can think of using this animation is the Punisher and Cable (two skopes you've already done); setting up booby-traps and what-not.