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Author Topic: DC Extended Universe  (Read 14772 times)

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Re: DC Extended Universe
« Reply #300 on: November 11, 2019, 12:47:55 AM »
So our buddy Zach Snyder is back in the headlines lately, still talking about Justice League (I know, I know, but hear me out, this one's preeeety cool) We've heard about the mythical "Snyder Cut" and I talked about it at length earlier in this thread. But recently Snyder put out storyboards proving that Harry Lennix's military general character from Man of Steel (who was also in Batman V Superman as the U.S. Secretary of Defense).....was The Martian Manhunter the whole time!!!  :o

WHAAAAAAA?! [[apparently it was fan theory going all the way back to Man of Steel's release]

Did David S. Goyer know about this?  :blink: And according to Snyder, he filmed ALL the scenes with MM, except the stuff with Lennix. So you all remember that "Unite the Seven" buisiness? The seventh JL member was in these movies the whole time and we never knew?!!

The storyboard also reveals that he was in the movie pretending to be Martha Kent, talking to Lois. And since that scene IS in the released version, Martian Manhunter technically is in the movie.

Then again....that does raise a question as to why he was discouraging Lois from "putting back [Superman's] halo" in BVS.
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