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Author Topic: Electric Blue Superman  (Read 642 times)

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Electric Blue Superman
« on: November 13, 2014, 06:56:10 PM »
Does anyone remember times when Superman was made of energy and had a whole different power set? I've recently started reading stories from the 90's (mainly the the JLA run by Grant Morrison) that featured this version. I know that "Man of Energy" wasn't a popular creation among comic fans back at the time. In fact there aren't many references to go to regarding making a hero file. Here are some sources I've found: . Anyway I wanted to bring him into the game and here are stats I've come up with for him:

Material: Energy (of course)

(basically peak human stats since he doesn't have any of his former powers)

Electromagnetic Form (combines ffx attributes:
- solar stores, ephemeral, metabolic strength (expending too much energy causes him to grow weak or even take damage, but I've given him expanded energy reserve so that it doesn't happen too fast, thus his energy regeneration rate isn't too high to balance)
- limited flight, human rocket (he could 'fly' faster than in his original form but it depleted his energies faster)
- magnetic, light control (he could manipulate a wide range of energy type including magnetism, electricity, radiation, light etc.)
- guradian (physical) (he could create electromagnetic fields to shield others)
- telekinetic, plasmasculptor (he could solidify energy to create simple constructs or to interact with the environment since he remained otherwise intangible)
- enhanced senses (can detect electric grids) (since he lost original super vision and hearing, instead has gained an improved perception of electromagnetic spectrum)
- lesser regeneration (can heal himself in energy form)
- disciplined (my original Supes has this also, just represents strong will)
- four dimensional (cannot be dimension shifted as he is already out of phase))
Unstable Energy
Heavy Lifter

Having metabolic str and heavy lifter allows him still to do lifting feats which he did in the comics. These were explained to not be super strength, but instead creation of energy fields around objects.

Power Punch - melee attack, does approx. the same damage as regular Superman's punch but it deals energy damage instead of crushing
Thermal Vision - heat beam, it is weaker than Heat Vision
Electric Blast - electric beam, does similar damage to Heat Vision
Power Drain - energy leech, he did that to some characters in the comic like the Parasite, I don't believe it actually worked on everyone, only on those that could absorb energy themselves
Gravity Beam - stasis beam swapped for Gravity Increse, he used it on an escaping Metallo
Lightning Teleport - a teleport with unlimited range and a lightning like FX
Disrupt Brain Waves - a direct electricity attack with zero damage and extreme stun, a feat used several times by him

Phasing - 100% pass through defense against all physical attacks (acid, cold, fire, crushing, piercing)
Energy Sponge - 75% absorb defense against energy attacks (energy, electrical, radiation), does not include direct attacks
Violent Absorption - active defence that allows to absorb kinetic damage from blows and explosions instead of letting it pass through (crushing, piercing and heat), another feat used in comics

That's it. So this Supes is extremely powerful agains pure physical opponents, vulnerable to energy manipulators and can sometimes get one shot with very powerful energy attacks if he can't absorb them. I have also given him hitech attribute in the M25AI which means he is immune to power absorption through touch (intangible) but can be targetted with disruption attacks against his containment suit. Did someone else tried bringing this version into their game? Comments welcomed.

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Re: Electric Blue Superman
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 12:55:20 AM »
Looks good, but I would probably put his energy level up a lot higher and change magnetic control to the highest one (he used his magnetic powers to hold the moon in place). 

I don't remember him ever making plasma contructs but he was able to absorb Kyle's. I'd also change heavy lifter (he did this via magnetics) to Lightning Travel (so he can zap enemies and move across the screen).
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Re: Electric Blue Superman
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2014, 02:37:32 AM »
This looks like a fun hero file, mac!

Definitely going to have to implement this and test it out!

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Re: Electric Blue Superman
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2014, 01:02:09 PM »

Thanks. I think his magnetic control is already at highest possible rank in FFX (it has either magnetic (weak) or magnetic). I've given him a lower energy regen. since he has 4x the standard energy storage. I agree he should have the Living Laser (or what's it called) attribute.
I have an early issue with him where he does something like this, which I thought was an energy construct a'la GL. I don't know if he did this again.