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Happy Holidays!

Author Topic: With so many minecraft clones... I would love a Voxel superhero game.  (Read 685 times)

Offline lugaru

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I was just thinking last night, I would love an unbalanced, sandboxy game where you can play dark detective and take out muggers, or play a big brute and smash foes through buildings. Lego Marvel (recently $5) kinda got my mind going but honestly I think it would have a ton of potential. Especially if you have a good hero editor and a ton of powers, kinda like Freedom Force (I'm guessing you guys have heard of it) with good AI and/or co-op.

My main problem with Freedom Force vs The Third Reich is that they made some effort to balance it as a 'fun multiplayer vs game' and that wrecked stuff like thrown objects having kickback. Hopefully a good superhero voxel game would make no effort in balancing, so you really can make superman and aunt may in the same game and not worry about 'balance'. Any thoughts?