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Author Topic: Undocummented features - freeroam campaign  (Read 605 times)

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Undocummented features - freeroam campaign
« on: March 13, 2015, 11:32:58 AM »
I was searching for a way to set up permanent light conditions on certain freeroam maps that would be independent to the time of day (in other words they represent indoor conditions). And lo was I surprised when FFX already had that feature :thumbup:. I stumbled upon it when looking through the script files and comparing with Going back to the source there is a mention about that in Dr Mike's excellent Patriot City mod, I just didn't know that M25 implemented it as well (the FFX Manual only mentions the functions available through EZ Script). To anyone who didn't know about that feature, you can add a script code def init_<yourspecificmapnamehere>(): to the file and set up individual map conditions like lighting, music and pretty much anything else that can be done via a script. Two important variables that can be set here are Mission_SetAttr('customlight',1) and Mission_SetAttr('customMusic',1) which are pretty self explanatory. Then you can proceed with adjusting the light conditions/music theme for the map. So, big thanks to all the good guys that collaborated into bringing the FFX pack to this game. The possibilities are endless. And by the way anyone knows other undocumented features remaining from Patriot City? I remember there was something utilizing the weapon master attribute...