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Author Topic: Program idea/request  (Read 626 times)

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Program idea/request
« on: April 07, 2015, 06:01:03 PM »
I'm totally weak at scripting and making programs (I can do a Hello World and that's about the extent of it) but had an idea or two rolling for a Freedom Force utility that maybe someone else would like to take on.

- An advanced keyframer: I can safely say keyframes are probably the bane of my existence. Getting to know the ins and outs hasn't so much been a problem as has the time consumed to actually do the job. The big issue comes in assigning the new key, or rather the strings from the new key to the others takes a silly amount of time and depending can consume a few evenings of monotonous work. As it is we have a nice program that transfers animations from one to the other. What it doesn't do is assign the strings (the node names) to the other keys and vice-versa. What I would be imagining is a program that analyzes the keys and picks up which string names are missing from the new keyframe(s) as well as looks in the new keys and does the same for the old ones then automatically puts in a ControllerLink and NiKeyframeController where needed. Naturally the program would automatically renumber and update the Num Controlled Blocks as it did this to match the new set as well check the end times on the NiKeyframeControllers and fill them in as well. The latter sort of acting as a stub and I'm thinking probably have the default end Scale Value at 1.0000 which represents " visible ".  Where information is already present in the keys the program would simply leave the information unaltered. Maybe not a cumbersome idea but when I thought about it it didn't seem to far fetched an idea.