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Author Topic: help of sp  (Read 489 times)

Offline Skerdilajd Shehi

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help of sp
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:09:45 PM »
I've been watching all around you people's spider-man (peter parker) herofile in  :ffvstr:. Seem quite that you make a "Weak" Spider-Man. Not to be a dumb guy or anything but.. Let me help you if you like this stats..


Strength: 6

Speed: 7

Agility: 8

Endurance: 6

Energy: 5

although with attributes. Give him two symbolic powers like, Radioactive and Heavy Hitter, those are the attributes to combined to get perfect Spidey, let me know yours!  :thumbup: :thumbup:

Offline Jimaras8

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Re: help of sp
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2015, 12:29:17 PM »
I honestly think your Spidey might be a little op. I don't know how you make your other chars but i tailor mine after Marvel Adventures by Benton. 6 for strength equals almost Asgardians strength level. Spidey can lift 15 tons top and that equals roughly 5 in  :ffvstr:. His speed is also a little exagerrated in my opinion. I put 8 in normal speed in most my speesters so you can iamgine that Spidey is nowhere near their levels. A 5 or 6 is good though. I am ok with your agility and the rest attributes.