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Author Topic: Any way to increase frequency of Heroes talking in Rumble Room?  (Read 328 times)

Offline Jatts

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This is regarding  :ffvstr:

This is a bit hard to describe, but I'll try my best.  I've been messing with voices and adding custom ones to my Heroes.  Been having a lot of fun with it, but when I tested them it seems that the Heroes do not talk as much as they should?  I was playing FF1 a few weeks back with my same voicepacks and I definitely remember Heroes talking a bit more in that one.  But in this one, not as much.  They do not say anything when they see opponents (Alert soundbyte) and sometimes certain attacks do not trigger anything either.  The sounds DO work, as they talk sometimes.  The issue is that they do it rarely...

I was wondering, is there anyway to change this?  Perhaps I could tweak something in the Hero's AI or something else?  Just hoping a modder would know something about this... haha.  Cause having Heroes taunt and insult eachother while fighting is half the fun, imo!