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Author Topic: Hannah-Barbera/DC Teamup  (Read 217 times)

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Hannah-Barbera/DC Teamup
« on: April 01, 2017, 04:35:02 AM »
Okay, I've read, and only intend to read( although... Suicide Squad/Banana Splits... Hmmmm...), two of the Hanna-Barbera/DC teamups , and while the Adam Strange/Jonny Quest and Space Ghost/GL are fun, I do NOT like the way Top Cat and Ruff and Reddy are presented. This is one of those cases when I don't think the writers really understand the characters. Either that, or they feel that they have to make the characters more "adult".

Does that mean they have adulterated them?

Remember: this is from a guy who watched all these cartoons first run. I know Howard Chaykin could have too, but I've never quite forgiven him for what he did to The Shadow, and now I can add Ruff and Reddy to my grudge.

Are the others as bad?