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Author Topic: Notes on making further superleaping/jumping in game (possible ¨discovery¨?)  (Read 465 times)

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Dont know if thats the right place to post this(or if I should at all but anyways)
 A few years ago around 2009 probably when I discovered  :ffvstr: and the magic of modding/hexing it,in the trying process of simulating spiderman in the best way,through messing with the m25keyframe transfer tool, searching all the more meshes I could find to add into its mesh the best combination of kfms, I stepped into a particular animation which seemed to me that fit great.
It was the special_teleport animation from the fantastic nightcrawler_classic_AA mesh, which seemed a lot like how spideys crawls as he is jumping. Conveniently it did match the kfms of the spiderman mesh I was meshing with, therefore I was all excited to test them in game,which I did.
 Now what I noticed back then was that as I was using the jumper attribute in the game, spiderman could leap much further between two buildings than any other character with the same attribute(the other characters would just fall down the building and walk across the distance of the building that they couldnt reach with their jumping,as they do).
Even more impressive was the difference of the jumps,while using the super-leaper attribute,as you could then jump like from atop of a building to the next  even if it were like a square away(which actually started to be a bit more like a jump venom or hulk could do :P)
 The cause of the enhanced jump was the prolonged time of the kfms animation, estimates about 2,5-3 sec ,while the most jump_stand(or run?I dont remember which is which) last about 1 sec to 1,5 sec. Dont know if that info is any useful-interesting (it did gave me some ideas im looking to  explore i.e.gliders-ziplines jumping animation variations and such ) anyway thought I should share.
 Also sorry if the grammar is abit off, english aint my native language.

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Quite interesting indeed! I certainly wish I had known that when I was trying to hack in some jumping variants for FFX.
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