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Author Topic: Phantom of Newport Menthol cigarettes  (Read 157 times)

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Phantom of Newport Menthol cigarettes
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:22:50 AM »
    Smoke Newport Menthol regular is not only a kind of the progress of civilization, but also a kind of degradation of civilization.In the development of modern civilization at the same time, and continue to destroy civilization, which is concerned, the progress of civilization or not is not the time and the development of the society or not, but in the desire of the arrogance of intelligent animals.Otherwise, why there are so many cultural civilization since ancient times, in the person's desire of inflation and life-and-death battle and annihilation.Thus, the smoke is just culture with other cultures, it tobacco wholesale produces, its development, its heyday, it is the death of the has its own laws, people have played a crucial role.But not in a word, more can't smoking is simple as a malpractice, a kind of habit.
    Actually, the generation of Newport Menthold cigarettes, originally as the identity of the holy things appeared in front of the human, was Cigarette Online not used to smoke, but chewing, and must be a big celebration or sacrifice to enjoy.The first to enjoy this kind of thing is not the usa smoking online majority of the people thinks, but those who have a lot of status is very few, the average person is only a glimpse, no qualifications, unable to chew the symbolic value of the holy.As to when the tobacco leaf is so full of toxicity, as now seems to have not historical data.If at the time of tobacco leaves no poison or very small, we can understand, because now just absorb toxins or indirect suction is natural, and even can kill a sell latest smoking giant head of cattle, and then is the leaf directly in their mouth chewing, swallow into the belly completely absorbed.This christi, already dead or chewing tobacco, which can turn thousands of years now to try the poisonous holy?Besides, there were a lot of people #gfghfgh2222# want to find not poison by all qualified.Said this call, of course, is not to show with me to the "world no tobacco day" and to the anti-smoking propaganda.
    According to research, Newport short cigarettes do have pain refreshing spent displacement effect, can reduce a lot of pressure in work and life, however, this also is only in adults, for those - unreasonal teenagers, where can we start from?

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Re: Phantom of Newport Menthol cigarettes
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2017, 07:10:32 AM »
fascinating and educational. From now on I will not not smoke 2 packs a day, for though even a android can cry, nothing beats the smooth flavor of menthol.