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Author Topic: Solo: A Star Wars Story (official title)  (Read 759 times)

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Re: Solo: A Star Wars Story (official title)
« Reply #30 on: June 11, 2018, 11:22:35 PM »
Additionally... I know everyone always predicts superhero fatigue, but if I were Disney, I'd be FAR more worried about Star Wars fatigue. The Marvel movies have done a decent job of varying up the formula and doing all kinds of different genres within the Superhero blanket... but I just don't get that with Star Wars.
That's a really good comparison between Marvel and Star Wars that I never really thought about. There's enough in the Star Wars 'verse that they could certainly mix and match all sorts of genres, and that could help a lot with keeping it fresh.

SOLO was meant to have a Heist/Space Western (train robbery, smugglers, gun slingers, outrun the law in a dangerous environment) vibe to it and everything I've seen in the design/planning stages kept that mood to it. I wonder just how much refilming almost the entire film under Ron Howard lost much of the intended style because most the shots had to be filmed on blue screen since most of the giant sets were taken down by that point. It's amazing what Ron had to accomplish in such a short period of time and yet the majority of the blame seems to come on everyone involved because it was the "origin story that nobody wanted". Folks forget that the original footage under the old directors had much more comedy (way more improv) and ignored most of the scripting that Lawrence and Johnathan Kasdan put together and needed to find that old school feeling with a cast that felt very confused over the whiplash in direction once they returned for reshoots. For those of you confused.. reference issues of the "Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here "comics and that was the style that the original directors (Lord & Miller) were going for. For those with a very keen eye Tag & Bink even have a minor cameo in the final theatrical version because they used footage from the Lord & Miller version which have the duo bickering (yes, the Storm Troopers which are talking about "the monster in the pit") which crossed paths with Solo and Chewie as prisoners.

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