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Author Topic: South Park heroes  (Read 143 times)

Offline Neros Urameshi

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South Park heroes
« on: October 29, 2017, 04:23:29 PM »
In honor of South Park Fractured But Whole, what do you guys think about making Freedom Force heroes out of Coon & Friends/Freedom Pals (maybe either out of superhero kids already existing, or customary new ones)?

Offline Neros Urameshi

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Re: South Park heroes
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2017, 05:15:51 PM »
The following are what I believe should be as :ff:/ :ffvstr: meshes/skins:

Call Girl
Prof. Chaos
Human Kite
Wonder Tweek
Super Craig
Doctor Timothy
Captain Diabetes
Mint-Berry Crunch