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Author Topic: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:  (Read 634 times)

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batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« on: January 24, 2018, 02:04:26 AM »
The batsignal is calling out all  :ffvstr: batman tas& tnba fans to arms!

 The main idea is a free-roam game, with a main map of the center of batman tas's gotham( which will extend to its other parts )and a set of sophisticated random generated situations for the caped crusader to take on.
 Beside the continuously random gen.crimes ,there could be a ton of special missions(which could generate at random,but only once)which should work as a platform for the greatest stories of the dark knight to unfold , including the stories of dark knights greatest villains first appearance(which should give em after that the possibility to appear in the random gen.crimes)or just plain ol classic stories, like the story of the grey ghost.
 Other random gen. unrepeatable special missions could take place in the past, at the times of bruce's times of training,which could serve as a plot mechanic to "remind" you(actually teach you) of certain hard-gained skills/feats of the batman(like fighting blind folded,giving the danger sense power)or to tell story of his first encounter with doctor hugo strange , batman's first encounter with the super natural,batman's first encounter with Gordon(which could open the police headquarters for random quest giving)bruce's first night out(teaching the importance of theatricality,spewing fear to criminals hearts..)reliving the death of your parents through nightmare missions etc.
Ideally ,it should be a hardcore game, with basic characteristics of the roguelike genre, random generated encounters, replaylability , survival
(after all batman from btas is not the most high-tech version of the dark knight)which will require tactical thinking since every hit counts(and bullets hurt,when you fight crime with a bat-suit made of cloth)good measure of your actions using your environment,the shadows,fear and the arsenal of bat-gadgets that fit the utility belt which are expendable ,perhaps even random generated maps of gotham city for each playthrough (if thats manage-able through the ffvttr mech).
 The mod could have various diverse aspects of gameplay, from detective work(searching for clues,finding information,interrogations on the streets)to car chasing,to castle defense or castle take-over..
 All taking place in a dark-deco designed environment, of the full of dark corners(for stealth ;) ) gothams streets,its skylines in the case that gotham should be cut in half not only horizontially but also vertically,hence letting you roam not only its streets an its lower rooftops but its higher skyscrapers as well, extending the map "upwards"while practically its gonna be another map, which should work kinda like the spiderman games from the ps1 era,in which you cant see the ground,and if you fall from a building you die instantly.In such a case, in order to move you re gonna have to jump from rooftop to rooftop, and in case you fall(or get thrown down)from a building..that will be it. Likewise there could be simulated missions such as fight on top of a speeding train(using a spherical object surrounding the map which should be skinned with a moving reapetable gif or an repeatable cone fx,since I dont know whats the case of gifs in ffvttr)or on top of a flying zeppelin or a plane etc..
You could also enter rooms (through portals etc),gothams sewers, arkham asylum, wayne manor,bat-cave and whatnot!
 The requirements for this task? First and foremost love for  :ffvstr:
Then some love for batman and the combination of love an nostalgia for the greatest form of him in any screen big or small..
 and its highly stylised sequel..
of which there was never a game to give it the respect it deserves..(ok there is the adventures of batman and robin for snes which captures a good essence of the series, but still..)

 Also there are some more practical stuff like modeling the maps to the dark-deco style, modelling the characters too to resemble the fine artwork of bruce timm's genious minimalistic look..which is the reason I am getting headaches from 3dsmax5.
 Some coding here and there.. anyways..

This is it! Its your time to shine!(the bat-signal)
Gotham wont save itself against the crimes committed against it by its psychotic menacing villains like the Joker,the Riddler,the killer croc,BANEzacksnyderTwoface,the Penguin,R'as Al Ghul,etc :P
seriously it seems like a mountain to complete it whole myself.
What do you think?Any ideas? I will be giving more feedback on its progress,and more extended concepts, soon!
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Re: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2018, 11:39:22 PM »
Howdy Fisser, I think it's a great idea.  I've toyed with doing a Patcity style freeroam Batman mod for years, but I've got way too many other projects to work on.

You say it's too much for you to do on your own, but I've created around 90% of my projects pretty much on my own (with the occasional indispensable help from the community).  What you're proposing here is actually not that much work, I'd say.  You'd likely have to give up having the visual look of TAS, but other than that, everything you need already exists.  All you'd really need was the ability to do some fairly straightforward EZScripting and modding.  You could just take the Patcity freeroam mod as your base, and a good 75% of the work would already be done for you.

Using that as a base, most of the random encounters are already created.  You can just replace anything that doesn't fit the feel of the story you want to tell with different characters.  Then you could create your own side missions and special missions, once again, building from what is already there.  Because you're just using a single hero, you could even get away with giving Batman the driver attribute and letting him switch into the Batmobile or Batplane in game.

There's a great Gotham City map in the mappack, but I'd say you should probably just use the extant Patcity maps and just replace their textures with Goggle's building retextures to make it look more run-down and Gotham-ish.

There is fantastic info in the manual for EZScript and the editor, which will come with FFX, and you can find my own EZScript tutorials here:

I say, give it a shot!  Good luck!
God Bless
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Re: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2018, 12:34:48 AM »
This would almost make me interested in finishing my Mask of the Phantasm Skope...Almost.

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Re: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2018, 01:46:35 PM »
Is there a collection of TM animated style meshes anywhere? I never collected them. I'd like to try this challenge. I miss creating characters. Does this belong in the request section?

Offline Red Fisser

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Re: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2018, 11:13:42 PM »
Is there a collection of TM animated style meshes anywhere? I never collected them. I'd like to try this challenge. I miss creating characters. Does this belong in the request section?
Well not really but there IS that
This was supposed to be more like a call to a collective cause, or a way to help me find the drive to make that mod come true(and stop procrastinating myself)through some collaboration(since I couldnt just go out and request a whole freaking mod and heres how I want it,plus Id like to work on it)
But the past semester I ve been full over my head and  I couldnt find the drive nor the time to work on it.
Even so, I cant stop thinking about it, its like everytime I return to the dcau(especially now the summer but midsemester too) I would just go through the mechanisms of ''how would that fightscene (or sequence or concept or whatever) would work in a game, in a ffvttr mod etc, hence I would end up having lots of ideas and theoritical formulas on paper,but not so much actual progression(like say on 3ds max modeling/animating etc). And I cant compromise with just making use of the one mechanic or the other if the aesthetics are not up to the standards of the dcau.  Dont want to formulate the ideas of mods mechanics without having the basics of creating dcau styled models(and of course batman's)

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Re: batman tas freeroam roguelike mod for :ffvstr:
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2019, 07:39:47 AM »
There are some Bruce Timm animated-style meshes out there (made by Volsung, I think?).  There was a Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and various Justice League animated characters...I also think there was a Joker (not positive on that, though).

Volsung's initial meshes were shown here...

There are some Skoped Timm meshes by Detourne_Me, here...

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