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Author Topic: Turn bullets faster THEORY  (Read 159 times)

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Turn bullets faster THEORY
« on: August 27, 2018, 01:53:54 PM »
So..lately I ve been taking more notes on ideas that could be useful for my batman tas ideal mod (and everybody elses imo) and thought of sharing.
 Basically I thought that since theres no way of changing the speed of projectiles to move faster than the standard ingame speed, and since that speed doesn't suit for ideal btas world, I thought of the following solutions.
1) Make everyone else slower
       By that, Im thinking of every (human) npc's running animation, replaced with walking animation, and turning their speed to something around 1,2 or perhaps 3(for the athletic types). Then every npc gets a sprint power(which doesnt appear like speedster running with a speed that low) and make it cost, since humans cant run forever.
2) Now for the MAIN technical part/THEORY
       Changing bullet shooting from ranged attacks to melee. I remember tweaking the melee distance variables, but its been so long that I dont remember if you can change it to as long want, and if its possible to be power specific.
       If it is possible then one could just change the bullets speed through tweaking with animations.
   Perhaps even animating some bullets firing from guns,that could be so fast that youd need to slow time to the maximum to see but I suppose this part needs some 3ds max work.
 Do you guys think its possible?