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Star Wars: The Mandalorian

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Because... more Star Wars is never a bad thing:


Jon Favreau(Iron Man) has been developing the first live action Star Wars television series. Initial speculation started with the series setting, which was post Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It was then revealed the series will center around Mandalorians and/or their culture.  The latest news has now said that while Favreau is writing and producing the series, episodes will be directed by Alan Taylor(Game of Thrones) and Dave Filoni(The Clone Wars/Rebels). Also, set to star in the series as possibly the lead and "lone gunman" as described is Game of Thrones' and Narcos' Pedro Pascal.

No trailer as of yet.  They haven't started filming, but it is said to be released on Disney Play, Disney's streaming service in late 2019.

Silver Shocker:
Sounds pretty cool. I would watch that.

Actually scratch that.  Lucasfilm and Favreau have released this pic:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Silver Shocker:
I did see that, and that looks pretty sweet.  :)

Silver Shocker:
So update on The Mandalorian: supposedly Taika Waititi is doing the voice of IG88. Can't say I'm thrilled about that. If Korg from Thor Ragnarok (or Ragnarok in general, really) is any indication, he's about to butcher IG88 like he butchered Korg.

Now in fairness, pretty much everything fleshing out IG88 is no longer canon, but that was also true for Thrawn, and Filoni and crew still made a concentrated effort to get Thrawn as accurate as possible (the Ysalimiri didn't make it in, but they got a visual cameo in the very first scene Thrawn's show in). IG88 was pretty much the Star Wars equivalent of Brainiac - indeed, Corey Burton did the voice of an IG88-style droid in the pilot of Clone Wars with largely the same voice - is he now going to be a laid back, jokey character? To be honest I thought Simon Pegg as Dengar in Clone Wars was a departure too - but this would be more of a departure.

But maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. I've been before.


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