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DC's Elseworlds, Arrowverse Crossover

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If anyone's paying attention, the Arrowverse has just started their fifth annual crossover.

If you haven't been paying attention, this crossover will not feature "Legends of Tomorrow", but will only be with characters from "Supergirl", "The Flash" and "Arrow". And without revealing too much of the plot, what's been in the news is there will be a new character featured in the crossover as well...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)BATWOMAN.

And this is where the first part ended. They switched timeslots of the shows(at least for me it is), Supergirl airs on sundays, but this was The Flash. Starts off with Oliver Queen waking up in Barry Allen's apartment with Barry's wife, Barry's life and Barry's powers. Iris tells him there's a heist going on at Ivo Labs... my first thought was of the android, didn't think I'd see it, but the "Anti-Metahuman Adaptive Zutomic Organism" was the villain of the episode. They even connected it to the Arrow's AMAZO and Ivo. Professor Ivo apparently made a hybrid of the mirakuru that's able to copy metahuman abilities.  Which kinda sucked when Oliver and Barry went to Smallville and recruited Superman and Supergirl to help them and A.M.A.Z.O. copied all of their powers. They eventually won by shooting a trick arrow into his eye that destroyed it.

During the episode when Cisco had a vibe that made him believe that Barry/Oliver had switched lives he saw. When he co-vibed the vision with Oliver and Barry and Oliver drew a sketch of what he saw and there was Wayne Tower in the background.

To be continued...

Overall, I found it enjoyable, seeing the universe extended bringing Superman, the Flash(sorta) and the Green Arrow(sorta) together for the first time. Also putting in AMAZO(who looked more like a simple android, seemingly like his JLU version) in it was also. They kinda glossed over his origin and made a little convenience of his powers, but it was believable enough. The villain, that's yet to be fully revealed is the Monitor who gives a book to a professor John Deegan.

Again, enjoyable and without the "Legends" it seems as if they're making a more personal and compact story, which I don't think is a bad idea.

What I am getting a little weary of is the separate Earths. Right now Superman and Supergirl are on different Earths than the Flash and Arrow. Their Earth(Earth 1) has established there will be a Justice League. I don't know what's going on with Supergirl/Supergirl's timeline. I figured it was pretty advanced to a certain point, but Lois and Clark are in a relationship.

At some point I'd like to see a "Crisis on Earth 1/Two Earths" or something to merge the two realities. I suppose it could be problematic, but I've thought it was kinda silly for her to be on a different Earth altogether to begin with.
Anyone else watching?

Silver Shocker:
Yep, I knew about this crossover. It got quite a bit of promotion. There are apparently 6 different trailers for it (most of which was composed of a lot of the same footage) and the episodes leading in to it all had the same little teaser added to the end.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)We've got the Monitor, who looks spot on (my copy of Crisis on Infinite Earths came in just just this past week, and so I was able to look through and go "Wow he looks just like him." We got to see that same scene 4 times since they showed it at the beginning of pt 1 as well.

Supposedly Pyscho Pirate has been cast as well. The actor playing him was in the reboot of Reboot, specifically the live action segments, where he played a kinda weird, unkempt hacker villain, so he think I could do Psycho Pirate.

We also have Jeremy Davies, (Daniel Faraday from Lost, and also from Constantine) playing "John Deegan" who may or may not be John Dee aka Doctor Destiny.

But you didn't mention one of the best parts of the episode....the Smallville theme song when they cut to Smallville! That got a laugh out of me. I was not prepared for that (even though Amell had been teasing people about it online.

Honestly, the most fun of the episode is just seeing Amell in the Flash costume. He looks so different than you're used to that it's funny all on its before they even add any actual jokes.

Lol I could feel the weird look on my face when it played. My nose crinkled up with this goofy arse grin on my face like "What the hell is going on?!"

Yeah, that was pretty awesome, SS!

Yup, enjoying this one.  Episode two confirmed a few things and was overall fun.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Batman apparently exists in both universes, although I am confused how Batwoman knows who Kara is if she's in another universe.  Did the writers just forget which one they were in?

John Diggle confirmed to be an ulternate reality version of John Stewart.

Lots of Batman villain cameos.

Crisis on Infinite Earths definitely coming.  The crossover is apparently the Monitor's way of looking for champions able to withstand the merger of worlds and fight back.

All in all really enjoying it.  The smaller cast and more inidividual episodes have really paid off, I think.

Also Legends made a joke about missing the crossover.  Apparently the cast of it called them, but they ignored it.

Silver Shocker:
Ahh, part two was soooo goood!!!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)So many little moments to go over:

-Ruby Rose killed it as Kate Kane/Batwoman. Admittedly, she was more "punk" than "goth", but it's Ruby Rose as Batwoman so it was pretty much what I was expected.

-Man, that hotel is a real dump. Even the abandoned hotel Angel moved into looked nicer.

-An elevator that leads to the Batcave. I'm surprised we don't see that more often, seems like a no brainier.

-Loved Oliver Queen insisting Batman doesn't exist, and that The Hood/Green Arrow was the "original" vigilante, instead of, you know, a rippoff of Batman.

-PSYCHO PIRATE!! Admittedly, he was only in like two scenes and we never got to see him in full costume, but still, Psycho Pirate!

-Oswalt Cobblepot aka Penguin was one of the inmates Oliver threw back in his cell. You can see his name on the cell.

-Killer Frost vs Nora Fries!  Nora Fries is played by Stephen Amell's wife.

-Wells/Thawn and Malcolm Merlyn cameo!

-Batwoman landing on the roof of a car Batman style! Awesome!

-Remix of the 90's Flash music playing when John Wesley Ship's Flash shows up!

-In 90's Flash's universe John Diggle is John Stewart!  That's great!

-Batwoman flirting with Supergirl as a homage to the "World's Finest" team-up. They even use the term "World's Finest".

-Oliver and Barry as the Trigger Twins, and they get arrested by a cop, who turns out to be Diaz. Awesome! I laughed for a good 2 or 3 minutes straight.

-And then black suit Superman shows up! I guess he's not evil after all?

And there's probably stuff I forgot.

[EDIT]: Indeed: Here'es some stuff I forgot:

-We see Diggle fighting Slade Wilson's son at the beginning of the episode.

-We see the Tom Hardy Bane mask in the room in Arkham where they keep supervillain's equipment.

-Also, me during the episode: Who keeps the freeze gun in a case At Arkham in perfect working condition? That's like an evidence locker in prison leaving all the guns still loaded with the ammo inside (Someone's about to tell me they actually do that, aren't they?)
Legends on the other hand, apparently looked at all the people online saying "This show sure is getting silly these days!" and said [in Mick's voice] "Hold my beer."

Spoiler (click to show/hide)"You missed a call from Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and Kara Danvers."

"Must be the annual crossover." Ha Ha.

Also, "Custodians of the Chronology". What is even.  :mellow:

And of course....CAAAAT!
This is basically the Legends' version of that X-Files Mandala Effect episode from last year. I think I liked that one better though.

[edit] I got ninja'd!


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