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Happy Holidays!

Author Topic: FREEDOM FORCE PART 3 IS COMING!!!  (Read 466 times)

Offline heroidosilencio

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« on: May 09, 2019, 02:31:24 PM »
 I know here is not the right place to post things like this, but I wanted you all to read somethings I wrote and I know everyone comes often here to take a look if new stuff is being released. So, forgive me this time. It is for a good cause:

              Guys, have you ever heard about  Kickstarter?
              kICKSTARTER is an SITE that anyone can use to raise the capital you need to creat a new project or a new game.
Using this site, it is create a  funding, and it set a goal and  an amout of time to raise the money before the project expires.
If the project expires, everyone that donated receives the money back. It might not be necessaray a lot of money. That's deppend
on how many is willing to help. It is possible that U$ 20 dollars from each one here would suffy.

               The reward for helping the funding use to be a copy from the game sending directly for the Creator of the game to the sponsors (like us who helped
the idea to get life)


             I don't know if you all are aware, but some new good games are being created like this. Torment: Tides of Numera was one that was released
this year after the idea with the help of KICKSTARTER. People like us, started raising the money in Kickstarter. And it came out with a version
even for PLAYSTATION 4, as well.

           I would love to see a new FREEDOM FORCE GAME. What you do you think about, guys?

          A new game could  could  improve a lot of things,  for exemple:

           01) Not to crash with many characters and allow us to use our own meshes, created by us,  in the campaing mode if we want so.

         02) It could have some new good missions. we all have a lot of ideas for the campaing. For exemple, we could have in this new game
some missions like "CIVIL WAR" from (MARVEL COMICS) with funny and weird dialogues or for,  exemple like  the story from  IGNITION POIN  (from DC COMICS) .
BUT EVERYTHING WITH SOME KIND OF JOKES AND A TOUCH OF COMEDY SOME FUNNY DIALOGUES that would make us, adults, laugh, while playing the game.

         03) This new game could have new powers included, new scenarios, a tactical mode of choices inside the game that some characters had to take during the gameplay wrich could imply in different endings in the game.

        We could make a TOPIC here and everyone could post and show any ideas. I know. everyone here have good ones.

       I am aware that Irrational Game, the company that created FFVTR went bankrupted.  Despite this, If we board on this idea, it is not impossible to track and contact the creators of FFVTR and tell them about the financial project and ask them what they think about this idea.

       Otherwise, if they think it is not a good idea, we have people here with knowledge (those who created FFX 3.3, for exemple)  that could work on that and be paid for that making a game very similar to FFVTR using the same techinology  but with a diferent name and diferent characters. An alternative for Freedom Force. The guys who created that MODE with new powers seems to have knowledge for that.

         There are another sites that works with crowdfunding platforms for gathering money from users like us to Build projects. It is not necessary to be Kickstarter. It could be anyone. What do you think about this idea, guys?