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Happy Holidays!

Author Topic: VX_male_teen?  (Read 205 times)

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« on: October 04, 2019, 08:57:59 PM »
Trying to future proof a project, I need to do a teen speedster and while I could use one of my own teen_tm meshes as a base, if possible I'd like to keep it consistent and continue using the vertex speedster keys.

I could have sworn vertex and I discussed this at one point, but I'm unsure if he ever actually did it or if someone (even myself) had skoped one. Either that, or if there's a version of the vx speedster keys that's MB compatible.

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Re: VX_male_teen?
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 10:53:15 PM »
Where do you want it sent?