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Author Topic: Voice Compare: Marvel edition  (Read 55 times)

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Voice Compare: Marvel edition
« on: February 14, 2020, 02:45:09 PM »
So I'm not gonna complicate this too much: If you saw the DC thread, this is the same sort of thing, just with the Marvel side. Admittedly there's a bit less history here, but with the glut of recent Marvel shows there should be a good mix of voices to pick from. And I feel I should remind everyone that if what you think of when "hearing" the character is the live action actor, go for it.

  • Spider-Man
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow
  • Hank Pym
  • Wasp
  • Nick Fury

P.S. Spoiler Tags contain links to various links to a website called Voice Compare, which is my go-to for getting actor names and getting decent voice clips of their work.

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Re: Voice Compare: Marvel edition
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2020, 05:45:24 AM »
  • Spider-Man- Josh Keaton. Look, I'm a 90s kid, and I love Christopher Daniel Barnes too... but when I think of Spider-Man, Josh Keaton just IS the character. Spectacular is, was, and remains pretty much the definitive Spider-Man series in my mind, combining the best elements from the comics, movies, and Ultimate universe to create a Classic Spider-Man while still feeling new and modern.
  • Iron Man- Robert Downey Jr. Yeah, there have been good VAs that have got a good spin on the character, and even a few that do a great Downey impression... but the thing is, I didn't really care for Tony Stark until Downey. As a kid I liked the cool suits, but before the film came out that was all he was... that guy who made the cool suits and had an alcohol addiction. Worse, he was the prick responsible for the Civil War story existing, and whose best moment was getting DESTROYED by Thor in the wake of those events. Pre-MCU, Iron Man had become an annoyance... someone to be tolerated because of his long history with Marvel and the Avengers, and because of his tech genius... but also someone I didn't really like very much.

    And then Iron Man the movie happened. And now, suddenly, Tony Stark is a person, a well rounded character who was all those things in the comics, but brought to life in a way that made him more than that. He was likable, but flawed, and all of that was intrinsically tied to Downey's performance. It's why, more than anyone in the MCU (except maybe one other character but we'll get there) Downey has shaped how I read the comic character. Most of the MCU actors are really great about bringing what I already love about the comic characters to life on the screen, but Downey is what made me love Iron Man.
  • Captain America- Roger Craig Smith. I've got a lot of love for Brian Bloom from EMH, but RCS's Cap from the Ultimate Spider-verse just has a better balance to him. He's got that sort of dry sense of humor, while still being able to pull out that deep commanding baritone I think of when I "hear" Captain America.
  • Thor-Rick Wasserman of EMH. He's got a nice line delivery for his Thor, with a nice accent that's decent, but not over the top.
  • Hulk-Fred Tatasciore, but that's really not surprising. He's been Hulk in basically everything since 2005, and he's just really good at it.
  • Hawkeye- Chris Cox from EMH, but I will say that John Reilly from the Iron Man is fun too. Jeremy Renner's sort of dry wit in the films is fine, but Hawkeye really is at his best when he's in other people's face being a jerk
  • Black Widow- Meh. Vanessa Marshall (EMH) is probably the best in the role, but the problem I have with most of the portrayals is that they don't bother with an accent at all, or they go too hard with it and make me think she's gotten lost chasing a poor moose. In my mind, the perfect Natasha has a subtle accent, enough to be noticeable when she's relaxed, but not over the top.
  • Hank Pym- Wally Wingert (EMH). I don't think this one's really that surprising, since he's really the only actor to get to really dig into the comic character. Still, Wally (who is also my go-to Riddler btw) does a good job with the character, and does a great nerd while also simultaneously being a decent jerky Yellowjacket.
  • Wasp-Colleen OShaughnessey (EMH). She tends to be a bit too cutesy and, admittedly it's hard to hear her wasp today without getting tinges of Tails in there, but at the same time she nails the whole youthful energy of classic early days of the Avengers, which is what they wanted.
  • Nick Fury- So I mentioned with RDJ that he's the only actor that's really shaped how I hear the comic character, but it's no secret that the Nick Fury originating from the Ultimate comics (and who is basically the current Nick Fury Jr.) is pretty much just Sam Jackson. And with him in the role in the movies, they don't even pretend any more, he just IS Sam Jackson. But picking a VA for classic white bread Fury, I'd have to go with Scott MacDonald from MUA 1. He's just got this great grisly old veteran I do like for that version of the character.

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Re: Voice Compare: Marvel edition
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2020, 05:48:02 AM »
Still an interesting idea, 'Mato.  This one is much easier for me than the DC one, as pretty much the ONLY definitive animated version of almost all of these characters seems to me to be the Avengers cartoon.  You know, this one:
What, y'all don't remember that trainwreck?  Ha, of course, I mean Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which is as close to JLU quality, universe-spanning, and definitive animation as Marvel seems likely to get.  They really did do a great job with most of these characters.

  • Spider-Man: As great as the Spectacular Spider-Man show was, I think Spider-Man is always going to be the guy from the 90s TAS version for me.  He was definitely overly earnest at times, but that is the voice I hear in my head.
  • Iron Man: RDJ has completely and utterly embodied this role, so the EMH VA who aped him is my definitive animated version.  And, in some ways, he actually captured Iron Man a bit better than the movie versions (which is not necessarily to say better than RDJ).  He definitely felt a bit more like an AVENGER at times.
  • Captain America: I haven't encountered an animated version I really loved.  The EMH version was pretty good, but he didn't quite capture the depth of character that Chris Evans has.  Still, I suppose he's the best that I've heard, though I do have a soft spot for the classic one from the old 60s 'barely animated comic' cartoons.
  • Thor: This is actually the one I feel most strongly about.  The EMH version is pretty perfect.  I wouldn't go so far as to say it's Kevin Conroy levels of definitive, but he's definitely the voice I hear for Thor. Cam Clarke in the MUA games was pretty great too, and he's a natural for a fantasy hero, having played He-Man.  However, he becomes a little too Leonardo on the occasional line.  Also, John Rhys Davies played him in the 90s Hulk toon, and I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that.  How cool!
  • Hulk: I've got no strong feelings on this score.  The EMH one was just okay, but I haven't heard any others that were significantly better.  Hulk is a tough fit, though, as I suppose one of my biggest issues is that I generally think of the Hulk as barely vocal.
  • Hawkeye: Once again, EMH all the way.  There is REALLY not much to choose from for Hawkeye, but that cartoon really captured Clint pretty well.  He's cocky, he's funny, he's a bit of a jerk.  He's the natural lancer archetype that he is meant to be.
  • Black Widow: No strong feelings here, and not many options.  The EMH version is good enough.
  • Hank Pym: Once again, definitely EMH.  Their version's portrayal had significant issues, though it also got a ton right.  The voice, though, seemed pretty spot-on.
  • Wasp: I'm getting repetitive, but EMH for sure.  She could be a little too on the nose in the show, but they captured the early Wasp portrayal pretty well, and she was fun and memorable.
  • Nick Fury: I've really got nothing for this one.  In terms of the movie/Ultimate version, EMH was fine, but in terms of the classic version, I don't know of any that are really 'right.'

:EDIT: Apparently Lou Ferrigno played Hulk in the 90s cartoon.  I change my answer.  That's a beautiful thing.

:EDIT 2: You posted your response while I was working on mine, 'Mato.  I see most of your points, and I think you hit the nail on the head with Black Widow.
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